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For women in Westmont, IL, the path of pregnancy often comes with its fair share of discomfort and pain. At West Suburban Wellness, we specialize in chiropractic care services tailored to address the challenges you might encounter during this exceptional life event. Employing specialized prenatal chiropractor expertise, we focus on spine health and perform meticulous, gentle adjustments. These services not only bring relief from the discomfort you might feel, but they also prepare your body for maternity and the introduction of new life. Our approach aims to enhance the overall health and wellness of both the woman and the infant, smoothing the way for a more harmonious labor and delivery.

Why Choosing a Prenatal Chiropractor is Crucial

Sure, the arrival of a new child—be it your first or fourth—is a time filled with joy and anticipation. You’re busy setting up the nursery and coordinating visits with family, but it’s also true that pregnancy comes with its share of discomforts, such as back pain and swollen ankles.

At West Suburban Wellness, the well-being of expectant mothers, their partners, and their future children is our top priority. Our experienced team specializes in delivering chiropractic care aimed at aligning the spine and pelvis for pregnant women. This targeted approach offers relief from the discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy, all while improving the overall health of both the mother and the child.

As you and your partner prepare for the transformative experience of childbirth, achieving top health becomes crucial. It’s an ideal occasion to enlist the expertise of our prenatal chiropractor for a comprehensive approach to your well-being. We concentrate on alleviating pain and securing proper body alignment, tackling all the shifts that come with pregnancy, in a nurturing environment. Book a visit to our practice, and you can focus on the joy your new child will bring as we manage the discomforts linked to pregnancy.

Certified in the Webster Technique for Prenatal Chiropractic

The Webster Technique stands as a cornerstone in prenatal chiropractic care, discovered by Dr. Larry Webster, who also founded the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, back in the 1980s. As chiropractors with Webster Certification, we can attest that chiropractic adjustments offer a secure way to alleviate the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.

The foundation of the Webster Technique rests on the understanding that pelvic misalignment could potentially cause issues during the birthing process. Through the realignment of the pelvis, this technique aims to mitigate the risk of encountering complications during labor and delivery.

With a deep focus on prenatal chiropractic care, our chiropractors are not only Webster Certified but also bring years of hands-on experience applying the Webster Technique to assist expectant moms in Westmont, IL.

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Advantages of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, maintaining both biomechanical and neurological well-being is crucial, and these are the primary aspects that chiropractic care is designed to optimize. Through appropriate spinal alignment, we can enhance nerve functionality, thereby assisting pregnant women in tackling a range of prevalent discomforts linked to physical, nerve, and general health concerns that may emerge, including:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







Beyond these issues, the development of your baby adds considerable strain to your physique. As your baby gets bigger, your enlarging uterus puts extra stress on your lower back. This situation results in an increase in the amount of lordosis, the natural curve situated just above your rear end.

With the increased degree of lordosis, the facet joints in your lower spine start to adjust and lock into positions that are not ideal for your health. These changes in the facets can irritate the nerves passing through, including the critical sciatic nerve. When this nerve becomes stressed, it may result in a sharp, shooting pain that radiates from your buttocks down your legs.

Throughout your pregnancy journey, our West Suburban Wellness team closely monitors these changes by conducting physical assessments and utilizing imaging techniques. We then apply delicate chiropractic methods to encourage your spine to return to a more favorable alignment. This action rectifies any irregularities in the facet joints and minimizes nerve irritation, leading to reduced pain and enhanced function.

If the increased level of lordosis goes unaddressed, your body will compensate by developing kyphosis, commonly referred to as a hunchback. This condition places a significant and uncomfortable strain on your mid-back region. Though you may commonly associate this posture with the clichéd image of a hunched-over elderly woman, it’s something that can impact you both during and following your pregnancy.

Given that kyphosis can worsen due to frequent bending, it’s crucial to address it before your baby arrives. Post-birth activities like holding your baby, collapsing their play space, or bottle or breastfeeding often require a lot of rounding the back or leaning forward, which can exacerbate kyphosis and increase discomfort. Regardless of whether you’re the birth parent or the partner, targeted chiropractic treatment can bolster your neurological system and maintain your head in an upright position, equipping you to handle the challenges of parenthood.

Giving Your Baby the Best Beginning

If you’re in Westmont, IL, and on the quest for all-encompassing care during your pregnancy, prenatal chiropractic treatment is your ticket to well-rounded health for both you and your baby. The advantages of this type of care extend not just to mothers but also offer significant benefits to the babies. Ensuring clear communication pathways between the brain and the uterus is essential, given that the baby is developing within this space. When nerves are functioning at their best, the uterus transforms into a conducive environment, giving the baby ample room and the perfect conditions for a healthy start in life.

The communication between the uterus and the brain is not a one-way street; it’s an essential bilateral exchange. When the uterus successfully transmits signals to the brain, the body of the pregnant woman is better equipped to supply vital nutrients and oxygen to the baby via the umbilical cord. A prenatal chiropractor plays a critical role in preserving the optimal function of the ovarian nerve, which in turn helps maintain a hormonally balanced environment throughout the pregnancy.

Chiropractors take a comprehensive approach when advising prenatal patients, recommending lifestyle changes that include a balanced diet and consistent exercise. This concentrated focus enhances the flow of nutrients via the umbilical cord and helps stabilize mood, thereby assisting expecting mothers in navigating the various challenges that pregnancy presents. Maintaining emotional equilibrium is crucial, as recent studies indicate a correlation between a mother’s mood during pregnancy and the temperament of the child in their early years. Hence, a well-rounded and proactive approach to chiropractic care is vital in establishing a groundwork of wellness for the baby right from the start.

Enhancing Labor and Delivery Through Chiropractic Care

As you transition from pregnancy to the crucial stages of labor and delivery, the uterus assumes a central role, signaling that the baby’s arrival is imminent. Chiropractic care is vital in optimizing this key phase.

In the labor process, the uterus contracts from the top downward, guiding the baby into the birth canal for a smooth delivery, provided the muscles are in sync. However, this ideally coordinated series of uterine movements can experience hiccups due to delays or miscommunications in nerve signals, potentially prolonging labor.

While women are often advised to push during contractions in childbirth, it’s essential to realize that this conscious effort doesn’t directly affect the uterus but rather the adjacent muscles. Like the heart and intestines, the uterus is made up of smooth muscle and is governed by autonomic nerves, restricting any voluntary control.

When these moments arise, chiropractic care from West Suburban Wellness acts as a sanctuary of relief, enabling flawless nerve communication by safeguarding the spine’s gentle encasement of the nerves. This contributes to the overall wellness and body alignment. Our unique chiropractic approach includes coaching on specific exercises and stretches that nurture the sacrum’s health and movement, the spinal region connected to the uterine nerves. This sets the stage for an easier start to life for both the mother and child. Such comprehensive care offers a variety of benefits to expectant women, enhancing the body’s alignment and function while alleviating the discomfort and stress that often accompany the bodily changes of pregnancy and childbirth.

Take the First Step with West Suburban Wellness

Taking the first steps into the world of pregnancy is a momentous period in life, brimming with new opportunities and hurdles. During this sensitive time, it’s vital to opt for healthcare providers who are truly devoted to your comfort and overall well-being. West Suburban Wellness is more than ready to accompany you on this journey, offering indispensable guidance and specialized chiropractic adjustment treatments tailored to ease any pain or discomfort that pregnancy may bring. Our team is fully equipped to handle all your questions and issues, utilizing holistic methods that serve the interests of both the expectant mother and the future newborn, ensuring they’re in the best health possible as they prepare for labor and delivery.

If you’re seeking more details or ready to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop by our office. We’re on hand to respond to any queries about our range of services, what outcomes you can anticipate, or any other questions you may have concerning prenatal care. Our aim is to make your pregnancy experience in Westmont, IL, as soothing and fulfilling as possible. We can’t wait to begin this adventure with you, meeting all your needs and helping pave the way for a pregnancy that’s both stress-free and healthy.

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Westmont, Illinois, is a charming village located in DuPage County, known for its welcoming community and vibrant local culture. This suburb of Chicago offers a blend of residential neighborhoods and commercial developments, providing residents with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. The village boasts a variety of local amenities, including parks, recreational facilities, and a diverse range of dining and shopping options. Westmont is also celebrated for its annual events such as the Taste of Westmont, which showcases local cuisine and entertainment, drawing both residents and visitors to the heart of the community.

Historically, Westmont has grown from a quiet area into a bustling suburb while maintaining a sense of small-town charm. It is strategically situated near major highways and has access to several Metra train stops, making it an attractive location for commuters working in downtown Chicago. The village places a strong emphasis on community involvement and development, evident in its well-maintained public spaces and active civic organizations. Westmont’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life for its residents is reflected in its continuous efforts to improve public services and foster a close-knit community atmosphere.

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