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Journeying through pregnancy is a monumental yet frequently discomforting experience for many women in Villa Park, IL. West Suburban Wellness is committed to providing tailored chiropractic care aimed at mitigating the pain and discomfort typical of this awe-inspiring life stage. With a focus on the health of the spine, our specialized prenatal chiropractor utilizes precise, gentle adjustments to provide relief and ensure the body is optimally conditioned for maternity and welcoming new life into the world. This comprehensive approach not only alleviates common ailments during pregnancy but also fortifies the overall health and wellness for both the woman and infant, contributing to a more favorable labor and delivery.

Why a Prenatal Chiropractor is Essential

The prospect of welcoming your first, second, or even seventh child is filled with a lot of happiness and high spirits. While you’re engrossed in tasks like setting up the baby’s room and coordinating grandparent visits, there are also inevitable discomforts to deal with, like back pain and swollen ankles.

At West Suburban Wellness, the well-being of expectant mothers, alongside their partners and soon-to-be-born babies, takes center stage. With a rich background in the field, our team specializes in providing chiropractic care to pregnant women. We concentrate on aligning the spine and pelvis to offer relief from the usual discomforts encountered during pregnancy, all while enhancing the overall health of both the mother and her child.

Being pregnant necessitates you and your partner being in peak health as you approach the significant milestone of childbirth. Now is the time to enrich your overall health by utilizing the expertise of our prenatal chiropractor. Our approach is designed to minimize pain, ensure proper alignment of the body, and address the distinct changes that accompany pregnancy, all within a comfortable environment. Make a point to schedule a visit to our practice, allowing you to focus on the delight of welcoming a new child while we handle the less comfortable aspects of pregnancy.

We’re Certified in the Webster Chiropractic Technique

In the sphere of prenatal chiropractic care, the Webster Technique holds a position of high regard. Dr. Larry Webster, who established the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association back in the 1980s, introduced this method. He revealed that chiropractic adjustment serves as a trustworthy way to ease the challenges often faced during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Webster Technique operates on the principle that if the pelvis is out of alignment, it can cause complications during birth. Through the repositioning of the pelvis, this technique works to lower the risk of difficulties that may occur during labor and delivery.

Serving the community of Villa Park, IL, our chiropractors are well-versed in prenatal chiropractic care and carry Webster Certification. With a wealth of experience, we’ve been effectively using the Webster Technique to aid moms-to-be for years.

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The Many Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

During the period of pregnancy, it’s vital to zero in on both biomechanical and neurological health. These are the aspects that chiropractic care seeks to improve through the correct alignment of the spine, thereby enhancing nerve function. By honing in on these key areas, we can assist pregnant women in alleviating a variety of common health discomforts they may experience during this phase, such as:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







Apart from these factors, the development of your baby exerts considerable stress and strain on your body. When your baby starts to grow, the enlarging uterus imposes added stress on your lower back. This results in an increased amount of lordosis, or the natural curvature that’s situated just above your buttock area.

When the amount of lordosis intensifies, it leads to a rearrangement of the facet joints in your lower spine, causing them to lock into undesirable positions. This shifting disturbs the nerves that run through these joints, including the sciatic nerve. Once this nerve experiences stress, it can result in piercing pain that shoots down from your buttocks into your legs.

During your pregnancy journey, our professionals at West Suburban Wellness keep an eye on these changes by means of physical evaluations and image diagnostics. We then apply gentle chiropractic techniques to nudge the spine into a healthier position. This realignment rectifies the movement of the facet joints and alleviates nerve discomfort, thus resulting in a decrease in pain and an improvement in overall function.

Should the increase in lordosis be left unmanaged, your body will counterbalance this by developing kyphosis, often known as a hunchback condition. This creates considerable and painful strain in the middle area of your back. Even though you might generally associate this posture with the image of a bent-over “little old lady,” it can be a concern for you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Given that a lot of bending over can exacerbate kyphosis, it’s vital to tackle it before your baby makes their entrance into the world. Activities after birth, such as cuddling your newborn, assembling their portable play space, or feeding them, necessitate a lot of hunched-forward positions that can aggravate kyphosis and heighten pain. Regardless of whether you’re the birthing parent or the partner, a well-planned chiropractic treatment plan can bolster your neurological system and help you maintain better posture, prepping you to effectively manage whatever comes your way in the world of parenting.

Our Prenatal Chiropractor Provides a Great Foundation for Both Mothers and Babies

For those residing in Villa Park, IL, and embarking on the life-changing journey of pregnancy, prenatal chiropractic care is a stepping stone to comprehensive health and wellness for both mothers and their unborn babies. Facilitating smooth communication between the brain and the uterus is crucial, as the baby’s development takes place within the uterus. When nerve activity is at its best, the uterus becomes an ideal nurturing environment, affording the space and conditions necessary for your baby’s healthy growth and mobility.

This two-way communication is not to be underestimated. When the uterus can successfully send messages to the brain, the body of the pregnant woman is then better equipped to deliver necessary oxygen and key nutrients to the baby through the umbilical cord. A prenatal chiropractor is crucial for preserving optimal ovarian nerve function, which consequently ensures a stable hormonal environment during the pregnancy.

Chiropractors advocate for a well-rounded approach in their consultations with prenatal patients, suggesting lifestyle modifications like proper nutrition and consistent physical activity. This emphasis aids in optimizing nutrient distribution through the umbilical cord and in balancing mood, thus preparing mothers-to-be to navigate the complexities of pregnancy. Mental stability is particularly significant; new research indicates a link between the emotional states experienced during pregnancy and the child’s temperament in their early years. As such, balanced and forward-thinking chiropractic care is essential in setting the stage for the baby’s wellness from the get-go.

Improving Labor with Chiropractic Assistance

When the pregnancy experience moves into the all-important labor and delivery period, the uterus assumes an essential function, signaling that it’s the right time for your baby to make their debut into the world.

During the labor process, the uterus contracts, initiating from the top and working its way down, guiding the baby into the birth canal for what should ideally be a streamlined delivery. However, this natural cascade of uterine activity can be interrupted at times, leading to contractions that are out of sync, usually as a result of nerve signaling issues, which could extend the labor period.

While you can put in effort to push or relax certain muscles, the workings of the uterus are primarily managed by autonomic nerves. Your conscious pushing mainly influences the muscles surrounding the uterus, rather than the uterus itself, which follows its own set of guidelines dictated by the nervous system.

West Suburban Wellness serves as a pillar of relief and well-being, reinstating uninterrupted nerve communication by enveloping the nerves within a correctly aligned spine. Our chiropractic methodology further involves coaching you on physical activities and stretches that maintain the sacrum’s health—the spinal section connected to your uterine nerves—thus ensuring a more effortless start for both you and your child. Such focused care enriches the overall well-being of pregnant women, optimizes body alignment and function, and potentially alleviates the stress and discomfort related to the evolving changes and challenges of pregnancy and giving birth.

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As you navigate the intricate and beautiful maze that is pregnancy, the importance of teaming up with healthcare professionals genuinely invested in your health and well-being is paramount. With specialized chiropractic care and valuable advice, West Suburban Wellness is keen to be your ally in this remarkable life journey. Our team is committed to all-round wellness approaches that serve both you, the expectant mother, and your infant, facilitating optimal health for your spine to remove discomfort and pain, thus setting the stage for successful labor and delivery.

If you’re interested in learning more or setting up an appointment with our prenatal chiropractor, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop by our office. We’re at your service to respond to any questions about what you can expect from our services, or any other information you might be curious about concerning prenatal care. Serving Villa Park, IL, our aim is to make your pregnancy, labor, and delivery journey as stress-free and healthful as possible.

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