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For the women of Oakbrook Terrace, IL, going through the life-changing journey of pregnancy can entail a fair amount of physical discomfort and pain. Specializing in prenatal chiropractic care, West Suburban Wellness aims to relieve these difficulties. Our expert chiropractor zeroes in on spinal health, using meticulous adjustments to grant relief and prepare the body for the dual experiences of maternity and bringing new life into the world. This holistic approach serves to minimize common pregnancy discomforts while simultaneously enhancing the overall health and wellness of both the woman and her infant, facilitating a more peaceful labor and delivery.

The Significance of a Prenatal Chiropractor

The joys of awaiting a new child are countless, whether it’s your first or your third. Organizing grandparent visits and setting up the baby room are certainly highlights. Nonetheless, pregnancy also brings its share of discomforts, such as swollen ankles and back pain.

At West Suburban Wellness, our seasoned prenatal chiropractor team is committed to the health of expecting mothers, their significant others, and their future babies. We offer specialized chiropractic care tailored for pregnant women, with a particular emphasis on ensuring proper alignment of the spine and pelvis. This focus serves to provide relief from the usual discomforts of pregnancy, thereby enhancing the holistic health of both the expectant mother and her child.

Aiming for top health is vital for both you and your partner as you prepare for the life-altering journey of childbirth. This is an ideal time to optimize your well-being through the expertise of our prenatal chiropractor. Our practice emphasizes pain alleviation, ensuring correct alignment of the body, and addressing the changes pregnancy introduces, all in a supportive environment. So, schedule an appointment with us and shift your focus to the joys your new child will offer, while we manage the discomforts that come with pregnancy.

Specialists in the Webster Technique

When examining prenatal chiropractic care, the Webster Technique emerges as a prime choice. Established in the 1980s by Dr. Larry Webster, who also initiated the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, this technique affirms that utilizing chiropractic adjustment is a safe avenue for making both pregnancy and childbirth more manageable.

The foundation of the Webster Technique lies in the belief that an out-of-place pelvis can cause complications during the birth process. Through the realignment of the pelvis, the technique works to lower the risk factors that come into play during labor and delivery.

Providing services to Oakbrook Terrace, IL, our chiropractors offer expert prenatal chiropractic care and come with the credential of being Webster Certified. Moreover, they’ve spent years leveraging the Webster Technique to offer relief to expecting moms.

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The Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment

Attending to biomechanical and neurological well-being is of utmost importance during pregnancy. These are the primary aspects that our chiropractic care aims to improve by realigning the spine and facilitating better nerve function. This allows us to provide pregnant women with relief from an array of common issues that can crop up during this phase, which include:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







On top of these common issues, your growing baby creates substantial stress on your bodily structures. As your uterus enlarges to house the baby, extra stress gets placed on your lower back, leading to an increase in the amount of lordosis, or the natural arch right above your buttocks.

When lordosis becomes more pronounced, it triggers unhealthy shifts in the facet joints of your lower spine. These shifts irritate the various nerves that run through these joints, most notably the sciatic nerve. Once that nerve is under stress, it often results in a sudden, shooting pain that makes its way from your buttocks down to your legs.

While you’re pregnant, our West Suburban Wellness team vigilantly tracks these changes in your spine through meticulous physical evaluations and diagnostic imaging. We then apply non-intrusive chiropractic techniques to gently steer your spine back into a healthier state of alignment. This serves to rectify the facet joint positioning and diminish nerve irritation, thereby reducing pain and elevating overall function.

If the rise in lordosis isn’t managed, your body may counteract it by developing kyphosis, or what’s commonly known as a hunched back. This postural issue places substantial and uncomfortable strain on the mid-back region. Though you might often think of this posture as something that affects older people, it can also be a problem for you during and following your pregnancy.

Addressing kyphosis before your baby’s arrival is essential, especially since a lot of bending is involved in parenting tasks. Activities like holding your newborn, assembling their portable play spot, or nursing can cause a lot of rounding of the back or leaning forward, potentially worsening kyphosis and causing more pain. Whether you’re the birth parent or the partner, a chiropractic approach designed to strengthen your neurological system can help you maintain a more erect posture, readying you for the rigors of parenthood.

Ensuring Healthy Beginnings for Both Moms and Babies

Embarking on a pregnancy journey in Oakbrook Terrace, IL? Our prenatal chiropractor offers a well-rounded approach to health that benefits both mothers and their babies. Achieving peak nerve function is crucial, as it sets up effective communication between the uterus and the brain—essential given the baby’s development occurs in the uterus. When nerves are functioning at their best, they turn the uterus into an environment ripe for the baby to start a healthy, active life.

It’s not a monologue but rather a two-way interaction. In this efficient system, the uterus communicates well with the brain, enabling the pregnant woman to supply vital oxygen and nutrients to her baby via the umbilical cord. The role of a prenatal chiropractor is vital in preserving optimal ovarian nerve function, which contributes to a balanced hormonal setting throughout the pregnancy.

Adopting a holistic approach, chiropractors offer lifestyle advice to prenatal patients, which includes maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in consistent exercise. This focus is key to enhancing the flow of nutrients via the umbilical cord while also helping mothers-to-be maintain emotional balance, crucial for handling the diverse challenges of pregnancy. With studies now indicating a link between a mother’s mood during pregnancy and the child’s early temperament, it’s clear that well-rounded chiropractic care plays a vital role in setting a strong wellness foundation for the baby right from the start.

From Pregnancy to Labor: How Chiropractic Care Comes Into Play

As you transition from the pregnancy period into labor and delivery, your uterus assumes a vital role, serving as a signal that it’s now time for your baby to enter the world.

During the course of labor, the uterus contracts starting from the top, pushing the baby down into the birth canal in anticipation of a seamless delivery, provided the muscles are all cooperating. However, this ideal scenario can be disrupted by asynchronous contractions arising from nerve signaling delays or errors, which can extend the labor period.

Even though women are guided to exert force during contractions in childbirth, it should be understood that this willful effort doesn’t influence the uterus but focuses on the surrounding muscles. Composed of smooth muscle, akin to the heart and intestines, the uterus operates under the command of the autonomic nervous system, making voluntary control virtually impossible.

As you traverse the transformative stages of pregnancy and the arrival of your child, West Suburban Wellness emerges as a comforting haven offering chiropractic care. We prioritize the spine’s role in shielding the nerves, contributing to your body’s overall health and alignment. Moreover, our chiropractic techniques are complemented by personalized exercise and stretch routines that focus on the sacrum, the spinal area connected to the uterine nerves. This ensures a smoother start for both the expectant mother and her baby. Such a well-rounded approach provides a variety of benefits, especially in mitigating the physical discomfort and mental stress often associated with the sweeping changes of pregnancy and the challenges of childbirth.

Begin Your Pregnancy Journey with West Suburban Wellness

Initiating the awe-inspiring journey of pregnancy also means navigating a variety of new experiences and potential hurdles. This makes it vital to select healthcare providers deeply committed to your comfort and holistic health. At West Suburban Wellness, we’re more than ready to be that healthcare partner. Our specialized chiropractic care aims to provide relief for any discomfort or pain you might encounter during your pregnancy. Focusing on a holistic treatment plan, our expert maternity team is here to address all your concerns and needs, benefiting both you and your baby as you prepare for labor and delivery.

If you have further questions or want to arrange appointments, feel free to either call or visit our office. We stand ready to answer any questions you may have, whether about the services we offer, expected results, or any other information related to prenatal care. Our focus is on providing a comforting and enriching pregnancy experience for you and all our pregnant patients from Oakbrook Terrace, IL. We can’t wait to start this wellness adventure with you, meeting all your needs and contributing to a serene and well-rounded pregnancy.

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