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The hip is one of the sturdiest joints in the entire body. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less subject to pain. When pain strikes a large joint like the hip, it can hurt all over and make even the simplest movements significantly more challenging.

Here at West Suburban Wellness, our hip pain chiropractor hates to see people suffer from this form of pain when so many treatments are available. While everyone can search the internet for “chiropractic for hip pain near me,” it can be challenging to find accurate and relevant information. Our chiropractor hopes the online community finds the following guide to hip pain and chiropractic hip pain treatment helpful.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Since the hip is involved in so many movements, there are many different causes of hip pain. They typically fall into a few categories, including overuse, nerve dysfunction, or disease. The following three conditions are representative of these categories. They are also prevalent among our patients.

Muscle Strain, Tendinitis, and Bursitis

Heavy lifting, sports, and other repetitive motions are common causes of hip pain. Although the hip is a joint and not a muscle, it is surrounded by the hip flexors, lower abdominal, and other major muscles. When one of these becomes strained, it can cause quite a bit of pain.

Tendinitis is a cause of hip pain that is related to muscle strain. Tendons are fibrous sections of connective tissue that connect muscles. Repetitive motion or an injury can cause tendonitis or a condition in which the tendons become inflamed and thickened. In addition to pain, this condition can make it difficult to move or use the hip joint.

Bursae are the fluid-filled sacs that cushion the hip joints. As with the tendons, the bursae can become inflamed and grow thicker. This condition is called bursitis and is often the result of repetitive motion, restricting movement quite a bit.


Sciatica pain stems from an irritated sciatic nerve. This condition causes sharp, shooting pains that travel through the hip on one side and down the length of the same leg. Some of our patients have even reported painful feet or toes because of this condition.


Arthritis is a condition in which the joint space between two bones narrows. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that usually occurs from ordinary “normal wear and tear.” This is associated with aging. According to our hip pain chiropractor, younger people who are overweight or engage in many repetitive motions involving the hip joint sometimes develop this condition.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the hip joint. The immune assault causes inflammation and pain. This condition is often linked with family history and environmental exposures, in addition to age and weight.

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Symptoms of Hip Pain

Since the causes of hip pain are so diverse, patients with many different symptoms seek relief through chiropractic for hip pain. Some common areas of pain include within or around the hip joint, in the groin, along the legs, and in the buttocks. Other patients have pain that radiates from other areas to the hip region or hip pain that travels to other areas of the body. Most commonly, patients complain of pain in the knees, ankles, or feet since the hips most directly impact how they function and feel.

Pain anywhere in the body can have a variety of qualities. Some of the terms used to describe pain that our chiropractor for hip pain hears most frequently include aching, shooting, stabbing, zapping, and all-consuming. Aching and stabbing sensations can be associated with any of the three leading causes of hip pain described earlier. In general, sciatic and other nerve issues tend to cause zapping sensations due to miscommunication between the brain, nerves, and body. Shooting pain is also more common with nerve issues since the pain travels along the involved nerves.

Hip pain does more than keep our patients awake at night. It can interfere quite a bit with everyday life by making it difficult to move. It can also lead to compensatory movement such as limping. These compensations aren’t corrections and can cause additional difficulties. Therefore, we should correct them by addressing the underlying hip condition through chiropractic for hip pain therapies.

How Our Chiropractic Works to Eliminate Hip Pain

Hip pain chiropractic treatment gives our patients relief but focuses on much more than stopping pain. Our West Suburban Wellness team takes a holistic approach as thoroughly at an initial consultation as during a routine follow-up. We employ several therapeutic modalities that focus on bringing our patients treatment based on scientific research.

Optimizing nerve function is one of our priorities. The nerves are the vital communication system between the brain and the rest of the body. They carry information to the brain regarding sensation, position, and movement. Nerves also bring critical information that makes movement and various life-sustaining functions possible.

While many individuals know that the brain controls their walking, movement, and speech, they may not be aware that the brain is involved in complex and largely unconscious tasks such as releasing hormones in carefully orchestrated sequences, times, and blends. Breathing, heart rate, and digestion are three more areas that rely on healthy brain-nerve connections.

Since the nerves are critical for health, it naturally follows that they are essential for healing. Because of this, our hip pain chiropractic interventions here at West Suburban Wellness promote excellent nerve health and relieve hip pain. When the nerves function appropriately, the brain and body can work together to promote healing and restore normal function.

Hip Pain Treatment

In our experience, chiropractic for hip pain must take a multi-faceted approach. While we can quickly reduce or relieve pain through in-office procedures, such pain relief won’t last without a dedicated lifestyle management program. The home interventions our hip pain chiropractor recommends have the added benefit of improving overall health, so our patients are better equipped to face health challenges other than their hip pain.

We routinely comb the latest scientific research for advancements that benefit our patients. While it can be tempting to rely on equipment manufacturers or other chiropractors’ materials, we firmly believe that we must carefully examine the research supporting each intervention before bringing it to our office.

When we get a new patient, they are astonished by the questions we ask. We hope we successfully assure our patients that we pry with a purpose. Pain isn’t an isolated event. Knowing the factors contributing to it and what is helpful can help us pinpoint underlying causes and create an individualized treatment plan.

We also perform various function and movement tests. Sometimes, we take scans. The goal is to get as detailed as possible a picture of a patient’s body, health, and healing resources. Once we know a patient very well, we begin treatment.

Hands-On Treatments

Hands-on treatments such as chiropractic adjustment and massage are some of our most popular offerings. When we adjust a patient, we strategically move their joints using our hands to reduce misalignment that causes nerve dysfunction. When normal nerve function is restored, pain is correctly perceived. Nerves also help the blood vessels carry healing nutrients from food and oxygen to the area. Massage is a fantastic addition to chiropractic treatment. While it is also hands-on, the goal of a massage is to increase blood flow and relax tense muscles.

Healthier Choices Counseling

We analyze each patient’s nutrition and lifestyle choices to make recommendations that work for them. In our experience, when a patient has a realistic program, they can make progress toward their health goals. Searching the internet for a “chiropractor for hip pain near me” won’t provide a complete picture of our offerings in this area.

Our Hip Pain Chiropractic Care

If you’re living with hip pain, our chiropractor here at West Suburban Wellness wants to help relieve your pain so you can move on to better days. Many of our patients who initially came to see us for hip pain are now enjoying better health and are glad to share their progress with others. Call us today for a consultation or more information about chiropractic for hip pain.

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