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In the public imagination, shoulders are often related to bearing burdens such as “carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulders.” In our experience, this is more than just a metaphor. Here at West Suburban Wellness, our shoulder pain chiropractor explains that shoulders are essential for so many movements many of us perform without much effort until our shoulders become painful.

When shoulder pain occurs, everyday tasks like waving to a grandchild or carrying a grocery back can become impossible. It is not surprising that chiropractic for shoulder pain treatments is very common in our office since it is the most mobile joint in the entire body. Here at West Suburban Wellness, our chiropractor for shoulder pain hopes the following information will help current and future patients make health-promoting decisions.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can have a variety of conditions. Some of these are related to the shoulder’s position. When the upper back or neck is tight, it can cause dysfunction in one or both shoulders. This is due to unhealthy compensations in movement that result from trying to work around neck or upper back issues. In these cases, shoulder pain chiropractic treatment aims to work on the shoulder and any painful surrounding areas.

Another neighbor that can interfere with proper shoulder function is the spine. Our West Suburban Wellness patients all know that the spine reigns supreme in brain-body communication and pain regulation. A misaligned spine is a recipe for nerve irritation, widespread dysfunction, and pain.

An auto accident or fall is what prompts many of our patients to search for a “chiropractor for shoulder pain near me.” While whiplash is why most people think patients see us after an accident, shoulder pain is also a common cause of post-accident chiropractic visits. Here at West Suburban Wellness, we’ve helped patients with various nerve, bone, and muscle injuries that contribute to shoulder pain after an auto accident or fall.

Falls are a significant cause of pain and disability among our elderly patients. So is arthritis. Since the shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint like the hips, it can develop “wear-and-tear” issues such as osteoarthritis. It can also become inflamed from autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Both conditions cause pain and dysfunction.

Untreated neck, back, or other injuries can cause or worsen shoulder pain. Much of this issue is due to unhealthy movement patterns that occur when someone tries to compensate for another body part that doesn’t function correctly. Sometimes, an individual finds a way to move that reduces pain in one area but causes pain in the shoulders and other areas of the body. We call that “guarded movement,” but it doesn’t protect anything. It merely robs our patients of the ability to move without pain.

Some of our patients have shoulder pain resulting from a stroke. The American Stroke Association states that 84% of stroke survivors have shoulder pain. Shoulder subluxation, or misalignment, is the usual cause of this pain. Shoulder weakness also accompanies this form of shoulder misalignment, making movement even more challenging for patients recovering from strokes.

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain doesn’t always have an apparent cause, such as an accident, strenuous sporting event, or repetitive strain at work. Sometimes, a shoulder can suddenly have difficulty moving or become extremely painful. Shoulder pain can also begin subtly and worsens over time.

Shoulder pain can radiate or travel to neighboring areas of the body due to nerve dysfunction. Nerve-related pain is excruciating because the nerves control movement and sensation. According to our shoulder pain chiropractor, dysfunctional nerve connections between the spinal cord or the shoulder region can cause inflammation, “pins-and-needles” pain, and difficulty with movement. These symptoms often extend down the arm and into the hands or fingers.

According to our patients, shoulder pain can feel like a dull ache in the shoulder or a sharp stabbing pain under the shoulder blade itself. Some patients report general soreness in their neck, upper back, and upper arms. Shoulder pain can sometimes be challenging to define, so patients need to seek chiropractic for shoulder pain care for it.

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When to Seek Immediate Medical Attention for Shoulder Pain

Here at West Suburban Wellness, our chiropractor for shoulder pain tells our patients that pain isn’t always what it appears to be. In the case of shoulder pain, everyone needs to know that shoulder pain can be a sign of a heart attack and to seek immediate medical attention for it. During a heart attack, the body sends as much blood as possible to the heart to help reduce damage. As a result, other areas of the body can become deprived of oxygen-rich blood and feel pain, including the shoulder.

Many people believe that only left shoulder pain can be a heart attack sign. The truth is that either or neither shoulder may be painful, especially in women. In fact, women are much more likely to experience heart attack symptoms like shortness of breath, jaw pain, back pain, nausea, and vomiting.

How Chiropractic Works to Eliminate Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain chiropractic eliminates shoulder pain by treating its root cause. Since shoulder pain has many different causes, treatments are varied. Patient needs and preferences also influence the therapies and interventions our shoulder pain chiropractor uses.

Some elements of care that don’t vary between patients is our commitment to gentle, non-invasive treatment for pain. We also take a natural approach and avoid the use of potentially addicting prescription pain medications as much as possible. Chiropractic for shoulder pain addresses the underlying causes of shoulder pain and focuses on improving overall function to boost the body’s natural healing resources.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Although our chiropractor here at West Suburban Wellness shuns a “cookie-cutter” approach to patient care, there are some therapies that help many of our patients get the results they want and are based on scientific research. These include chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound, and holistic health coaching.

Spinal and Other Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractic adjustment is excellent for alleviating nerve-related shoulder pain. The goal of shoulder pain chiropractic is to remove spinal subluxations. These are areas of misalignment that can press on the nerves inside or coming out of the spinal cord. This interferes with the nerve function vital to brain-body communication, including pain perception.

Although spinal adjustments are an essential part of chiropractic care, they are not the only adjustment we perform. In the shoulder, a subluxation is excess space between the shoulder and arm bone. We can also treat these subluxations by manually reducing this space to reduce pain and restore function.

Experience Results With West Suburban Wellness Shoulder Pain Chiropractic

If you or a loved one is living with shoulder pain, it can make you appreciate what your body can do. Our West Suburban Wellness team is here to help expand your gratitude by helping your shoulder function without pain. Once you give us a call, we’ll schedule a consultation with our experienced and caring shoulder pain chiropractor so you can choose shoulder pain treatment options that work for you.

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