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Whether you’re expecting your first, second, or seventh child, pregnancy is an adventure. As you hurry to paint the nursery or plan first visits with grandparents, happiness is a constant companion. Unfortunately, so are swollen ankles, fatigue, and other common discomforts that come with the territory.

At West Suburban Wellness, we prioritize expectant mothers (and their partners) as well as growing babies. We’ve developed a vast array of diagnostic and treatment techniques through years of professional practice.

Whether you’re a pregnant woman or the partner of a pregnant woman, you need to get into the best shape you possibly can to deal with the challenge of a lifetime. Now is the time to optimize your biomechanical, neurological, and overall health through our expert prenatal chiropractic care.

We are Webster Certified Chiropractors

When it comes to prenatal chiropractic care, the Webster Technique is considered one of the most effective methods out there. This technique was discovered in the 1980s by Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Webster found that the adjustment is a safe way to ease pregnancy and childbirth.

The Webster technique is based on the premise that misalignments of the pelvis can lead to problems during birth. By realigning the pelvis, the Webster Technique can help reduce the risk of complications during labor and delivery.

Our Prenatal Chiropractors have each extensively studied prenatal chiropractic care and are Webster Certified Chiropractors. In addition, they have years of experience using the Webster Technique to help expectant moms.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care Benefits

If you’re carrying a child, two main areas to focus on are biomechanical and neurological performance. Since the heart of chiropractic care is improving nerve communication through healthy spinal alignment, we can perform specialized work towards enhancing these two vital health indicators.

Many of the common discomforts of pregnancy also stem from physical, nerve, and general health issues. As a result, we’re well-equipped to help pregnant women with concerns such as:


Back Pain








Acid Reflux

Doctor of Chiropractic adjusting a baby

In addition to these concerns, your growing baby also places a great deal of strain on your body. Once your baby begins to grow, your expanding uterus puts additional stress on your lower back. When this occurs, the amount of lordosis, or the natural curvature just above your buttocks, increases.

As the degree of lordosis increases, it causes the facet joints of your lower spine to reconfigure and lock into unhealthy positions. These facet changes irritate the nerves that run through them, including the sciatic nerve. Once the sciatic nerve is stressed, it can cause shooting pain that travels through your buttocks and legs.

As our West Suburban Wellness team works with you during your pregnancy, we’re able to spot these changes through physical examination and imaging. Then, we use gentle chiropractic correction to coax the spine back into a healthier alignment. This corrects facet movement and decreases any nerve irritation, resulting in less pain and improved function.

If increasing lordosis remains untreated, your body will counter it with kyphosis. Kyphosis is also known as a hunchback, and it puts quite a bit of painful strain on the middle back. While you might associate this posture with the stereotypical hunched over “little old lady,” it can affect you during and after your pregnancy.

Since kyphosis can be exacerbated by a lot of bending down, it’s essential to treat it before your baby is born. After birth, activities such as cradling your baby, folding up their portable play space, or feeding them via bottle or breast involve a lot of the rounding of the back or hunching forward that can worsen kyphosis and make it more painful. Whether you’re the parent who gave birth or their partner, strategic chiropractic intervention can help strengthen your neurological system and keep your head elevated so you can deal with whatever parenthood brings your way.

Prenatal Chiropractor Can Give Baby an Excellent Start

Women carrying babies aren’t the only beneficiaries of prenatal chiropractic care. Babies can reap many rewards of such timely intervention. Since the baby lives within the uterus, achieving and maintaining complete communication between the uterus and the mother’s brain is crucial. When nerve function is optimal, the brain helps transform the uterus into a comfortable environment with enough room for your baby to begin a lifetime of healthy movement and growth.

Healthy uterine-brain communication is a two-way street. When the uterus can efficiently send signals to the brain, the pregnant woman’s body can release oxygen and other essential nutrients through the umbilical cord to meet the baby’s needs for growth. A prenatal chiropractor can also assist ovarian nerve function for healthy hormonal balance throughout pregnancy.

Since chiropractors take a holistic approach to care, prenatal patients are instructed in lifestyle interventions such as exercise and nutrition. Focusing on both can promote healthy growth for your baby.

Exercise can enhance the nutrient flow through the umbilical cord. It can also help improve your mood. When your mood is even, you are calm, and you’re better able to cope with the challenges of pregnancy. Recent research has shown a modest link between mood patterns during pregnancy with early childhood temperament, so doing all you can to balance your own mental health can help give your baby a better start.

Chiropractic Care To Optimize Labor

When it’s time to give birth, the muscle that frequently takes center stage is the uterus. After it has housed your baby throughout the pregnancy, it sends unmistakable signals that it’s time for your baby to move out into the world.

As your body goes through labor, the uterus contracts from its top to its bottom. This motion is designed to press the baby downward so they can emerge from the birth canal. When the muscles function properly, labor is relatively efficient.

Unfortunately, ideal uterine contractions don’t always happen. When there is delayed signaling or miscommunication to the nerves and muscles, contractions can become erratic and deviate from the natural top-down pattern. These are known as asynchronous contractions, and they can prolong labor.

One of the possibly most frustrating things about the uterus is that its muscles are not under conscious control. Although we tell women to push through contractions, they are not consciously controlling their uterus but the surrounding muscles.

The uterus is made from smooth muscle. Smooth muscle forms other structures, including the heart, intestines, and blood vessels. One of the defining features of these structures is that they are controlled by the autonomic nerves. Since they are automatic, we don’t have voluntary control over them.

Fortunately, prenatal chiropractic care reestablishes healthy, natural nerve communication by ensuring the spine encases the nerves gently instead of physically interfering with them. We can also teach you exercises and stretches to encourage healthy alignment and motion of your sacrum. The sacrum is vital because it is the portion of the spine from which the uterine nerves emerge.

pregnant woman with chiropractic doctor hands on belly

Prenatal Chiropractic Care For the Whole Family

While you might have found us by searching the internet for a “prenatal Chiropractor near me” or “Webster Chiropractor near me,” we encourage you to delve more deeply. Pregnancy goes by so quickly, so you need to take a few moments to consider what you want from your healthcare practitioners. Our West Suburban Wellness team is available to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call or contact us online today.

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