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Relief For My Work Related Stress

I had a lot of pain in my neck and lower back caused by work-related stress. The worst

area was in my lower back. Physical therapy gave me temporary relief and prescription
medications did nothing. I had many doubts that chiropractic could help me.  I am a very skeptical person.  I was not optimistic when I came in, but I figured I would give it a try as nothing else seemed to be working.
Within 3 adjustments I started feeling better and I was amazed at how cheerful and optimistic the atmosphere was at the office.  I was also very impressed with Dr. Weselak.  He initially recommended a regimen of 3 visits per week and then 2 visits per week.  Now, I just come in once a week for spinal maintenance.

My results have been amazing!  In less than 10 minutes per week, I get to relieve any work related pain, I don’t need to see medical doctors as often, I don’t need any expensive medications, and I have a general sense of well-being.

For those who are sick, suffering, or in pain I would recommend that they try chiropractic.  I have told everyone I know and everyone I meet about chiropractic.  I will go to the chiropractor for the rest of my life!

Thanks, chiropractic!


No More Constipation!

My son, Aaron has been constipated since he was a baby. Since he

was 3 years old he has had only 2 bowel movements a week. I tried several other things to help him including adding fiber, and changing his diet. Nothing helped at all. Also, at 7 ½ years old he was still wetting the bed. I had to make sure he went to the bathroom before I went to bed every night!

We decided to try chiropractic care to see if it would help Aaron. Within 4 months of care, he started having daily bowel movements and his appetite has increased! He also stopped wetting the bed.

If there’s someone wondering if chiropractic can help them, I tell them they owe it to themselves to try it. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

Aaron’s story as told by Mom

I Can Swim Better!

Before I started chiropractic care I was concerned about my neck and low back. I was off on my swimming strokes and wasn’t able to rotate as well as I was taught to. I had a hard time rotating and adjusting my technique with the way my spine was.

I came to Dr. Weselak’s office with the hope that he could help me and he definitely has. I started getting adjusted and my strokes have improved as well as my breathing and rotating. My back feels way better! I went to the YMCA State Meet and the Junior Olympics this year, and I did great! Chiropractic has helped improve my ability to swim.

I appreciate how this has helped both me and my sport!


I Improved My Blood Pressure!

I came to Dr. Weselak’s office with blood pressure issues,

problems with circulation, and flexibility. After seeing my test results and x-rays, it was clear to me that my spine was contributing to my problems. So, I decided to get chiropractic care, and I am so glad I did!

I have seen big improvements with my blood pressure. My circulation is better, as well as my flexibility. Not only that, but Dr. Weselak has taught me the importance of exercise, improving my eating habits, and managing my time better.

This office is truly special! Dr. Weselak is very professional, but he still takes the time to add that “personal touch” that so many doctor’s offices are missing. I appreciate that everyone here knows my name, and I never have to wait to see the doctor. And I have enjoyed being able to watch the educational videos and reading the weekly articles. Dr. Weselak never ceases to amaze me with how committed he is to educating his patients! I am indebted to Dr. Weselak for all that he has done for my health!

With appreciation and best wishes for God’s most abundant blessings, I am gratefully yours,

Mary Lynn

Before starting chiropractic care Mateo was 4 years old and I was

having a difficult time potty training him. He had accidents all the time and often didn’t even know he had to go until it was too late. It was as if his brain wasn’t getting the signals down to his bladder to warn him it was time to get to a bathroom. I thought he would be in pull-ups forever!

We decided to give chiropractic a try. After only 4 months of adjustments he has been able to completely stop using pull-ups during the day, he gets to wear regular undies! Mateo is almost completely accident free! We are still working on the night-time, but I’m sure that will come very soon.

Chiropractic is a wonderful way to attain and maintain health in a natural, drug-free way. I can’t help but think of how blessed Mateo is to have chiropractic in his life at such a young age! Thank you Dr. Weselak!

Mateo (written by Mom)

Before starting chiropractic care I suffered from migraine headaches.  I decided to give chiropractic a try, and it really helped!

After receiving a few months of chiropractic adjustments, my migraine headaches are gone!  In addition, my sleep patterns have also improved, as I am less tense while I sleep.

Most importantly, I also received weekly chiropractic adjustments while I was pregnant.  It’s extremely important to keep your spine aligned, and I would highly recommend this to any woman who is expecting.  Due to the chiropractic, I did not have any back pain during pregnancy.

If you are suffering from headaches, low back pain, expecting a child or just want great overall health, chiropractic is the way to go!

Thanks West Suburban Wellness for the Chiropractic Care!


Relief of Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain!

Before starting my chiropractic care, I had severe neck and shoulder pain to the point where I was in constant pain and it hurt to move.

Since I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments, my pain and stiffness is almost totally gone. I have better range of motion at work, and my sleeping is much better!

Definitely go to a chiropractor! A good chiropractor (like I have) will identify your cause of pain and help you.

Thanks Dr. Tim.


Keeps Me From Getting Sick!

Before chiropractic care, I had aches and pains all over my body. I also especially had pain in my lower back and neck areas.

After seeing Dr. Tim and receiving chiropractic adjustments, my body aches and pains have greatly reduced. In addition, my lower back and neck pains have improved. Most importantly, I feel cared for and encouraged to keep moving towards good health.

To those who are sick, suffering, or in pain, I would say something as easy as regular chiropractic adjustments really help you feel & function better. It also helps keep you from getting sick.

If you don’t have a chiropractor, I can recommend one for you. Thank you Dr. Tim! 


Immediate Migraine Relief!

Before starting my chiropractic care, my health concerns were migraines, back pain, hip pain and neck pain. Sometimes my migraines were happening several times a week and causing me debilitating pain. I started coming June of 2008.

After receiving chiropractic adjustments, I had immediate migraine relief. The adjustments eliminated all other aches and pains as well. I was getting the relief I desperately needed.

I recommend everyone get chiropractic care! The M.D will give you drugs to cover up the pain. The D.C will help your body heal the more natural way – figure out what’s causing the issue and then resolve it.

I can’t image going without chiropractic care. It is well worth the time and cost. I bring my 3 children here and they benefit from it as well. Our quality of life is much improved.

Thank You Dr. Tim!


Relief for Migraine Headaches & Dizzy Spells

I was officially diagnosed by my doctor as having migraine headaches. I experienced extreme dizziness and head pain to the point where I could not function at all. Often, it felt like my head was in a vice and it would last 2 to 3 days! My doctor told me to take Excedrin, but that did not help at all.

My mom talked to Dr. Weselak about my problem and he said to come in right away because he believed he could help me. My first impressions of West Suburban Wellness were great! I loved the fact that when I walked in the door they already knew my name; they could not have been nicer. After seeing my X-rays, Dr. Weselak recommended that I come in 3 times per week and do exercises at home using head weights.

I have been under care for the past 6 months now, and I have not had any dizzy spells for at least 2 months now and I can hardly remember the last time I had a headache. My whole family is coming here now and we are all receiving the benefits of chiropractic care. I would definitely recommend to anyone to try chiropractic care before taking medication. I am all for it and believe that it can truly help!

Thanks, Dr. Weselak


Chiropractic Helped The Pain In My Leg

I had hip replacement surgery in 2000. The doctors placed a metal implant in myhip & thigh. Since then, even though I had the surgery, I still was experiencing pain in my thigh and leg and had difficulty walking at times.  I wasn’t sure what else to do, so I just took Advil to help get rid of the symptoms when they acted up.

I heard good things from another patient of Dr. Weselak’s, so I thought I should give chiropractic a try.  I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I had doubts that chiropractic would help me.  My first impressions of the office and the doctor were very favorable.  Dr. Weselak performed testing including a nerve scan and X-rays.  He determined that I had subluxation in the area of my neck and hip region.  So, he suggested that I start a series of chiropractic adjustments.

Needless to say, I have been very pleased with the results.  Within only a few months of starting chiropractic care, I now am feeling better and my leg pain is gone!

I would recommend to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain to try chiropractic.  I have told others about my positive experience.  Now that I have enjoyed its benefits, I have a very positive attitude about continuing my chiropractic care.

Thanks, Dr. Wesela


How Chiropractic Healed My Body

Last August when I broke my right ankle getting around was

difficult, and it put a lot of stress on my shoulder, back, and left leg.  For the first 3 weeks, I hurt everywhere as I hobbled around with a walker, and I couldn’t get into the office for adjustments.  I called Dr. Weselak almost in tears one day and he came to my home to give me adjustments for a couple of weeks.  I told him which areas of my back, shoulder, and leg hurt the most and he concentrated there with extra adjustments.  I didn’t realize that these extra adjustments not only relieved the pains, but in the end helped heal my ankle quicker and better.

The chiropractic adjustments helped me get through my ankle rehab therapy.  The doctor who performed the ankle surgery was a strong believer in chiropractic.  The doctor said that the chiropractic adjustments during my healing helped relieve pain and kept my spinal column strong.  He also stated that the chiropractic adjustments helped nerve flow and blood flow to my ankle to promote healing and enabled regeneration of the nerve endings that were damaged.

Initially, Dr. Weselak helped in the healing of my shoulder by relieving subluxation in my neck; which in turn, enabled my nervous system to work better and also relieve other internal medical problems I had.  For example, the other day I shoveled a bit too much snow and my shoulder acted up.  So, all I had to do was tell Dr. Weselak, he gave me an adjustment, and I was doing better the next day.  In addition, I’ve learned to tell Dr. Weselak when my allergies act up or when I am experiencing flu-like symptoms.  Just recently I mentioned my ribs were very sore due to a cold along with coughing spasms – Dr. Weselak adjusted them and I was feeling 100% better – pain and stiffness gone and I could breathe easier!

Thanks, Dr. Weselak.


The Throbbing Pain Is Gone!

Before I started chiropractic care I had so much pain and tension

in my back that I could barely get any sleep. I had a dull, aching, throbbing pain all day long! I couldn’t help but think, why am I in so much pain when I am only 26 years old!?

But starting chiropractic care changed all that. Since I started getting adjusted I have come a long way in a short amount of time, even though I had phase 2 subluxation. After only 12 sessions of adjustments the throbbing pain is gone! I can move without pain and can actually get some sleep. I have a long road ahead of me but I am encouraged by the progress I have already made.

For those who are experiencing pain, especially in your back, neck, and shoulders-don’t suffer, look for help. Don’t just wish it away, be proactive. By sticking with the program (adjustments, exercise, and consciously watching my posture) I am confident that West Suburban Wellness will help me achieve my optimum health potential.


Try Chiropractic Care – It Just Works!

I came to Dr. Weselak’s office with allergies, migraines, digestive

issues, neck pain, back pain, and depression. After I had my exam and x-rays and we went through the findings, it was clear to me where the problems were.

Dr. Weselak recommended I receive chiropractic care to correct the problems in my spine. After only 4 months of care I have better mobility as well as improved digestion and allergies. Furthermore, I haven’t had any migraines and my regular headaches are less frequent and less severe. Also, I am now working to get off of my depression medications as I have notice my mood is much improved.

I would suggest to anyone with health problems that they see a chiropractor. It just works! Dr. Weselak and his staff are awesome! Thanks chiropractic!


Chiropractic Got Rid Of My Pain & Helped me Get Healthy!

Before starting chiropractic care I suffered from back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and thyroid problems.  I was in so much pain that I decided to give chiropractic a try.  After just a few weeks of care I was already seeing great results.  The swelling in my knee was gone, I had more mobility, and a lot less back pain.

Not only did chiropractic care relieve my pain, but it’s also helped me get healthier in general.  I suffered from teary eyes and now they water a lot less often, not to mention my vision is better too!  Overall, I feel great.  My outlook on life is much better, I am more organized and I feel I have more concentration.

I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is in pain or just wants to feel great.  Why not try a natural, painless, non-invasive, centuries-old healing method?

Thank you West Suburban Wellness!


Less Pain, Better Posture and Improved Sleep!

While working, I suffered an injury to my lower back. I had daily pain. I also had trouble sleeping, walking and even sitting. The tightness in my back was so bad that some days it gave me tension headaches.

Before coming to see Dr. Tim, I would have doubted that chiropractic treatments would have improved my life. Upon examination, Dr. Tim found problems in my spine & also said I had Forward Head Posture.

In addition, he suggested I start taking the “The Big 3” supplements: fish oil, vitamin D3 & probiotics. Between the adjustments and taking the supplements, I found my daily pain was gone and my sleep had greatly improved as well. I am also now more conscious of my posture.

Dr. Tim truly cares about improving each patient’s life. His attitude & enthusiasm show in his work. Thank you Dr Tim for showing me chiropractic could help improve my life!


Chiropractic Improved My Weightlifting!

Before chiropractic care, my back was in so much pain. I thought it would never get better. My posture was also really bad. I like to lift weights. With lifting weights my back was horrible.

I went to Dr. Weselak’s office with my mom. After receiving a few adjustments, my pain went away. Because my back is now pain free, the chiropractic adjustments help me increase the weight while I work out.

For those who are sick, suffering and in pain, I would refer them to chiropractic care. It really does make a big impact on pain relief and stress.

Thanks Chiropractic!


No More Medications!

Before chiropractic care my health concerns were lower back pain, severe menstrual pains, depression and weekly migraines that put me down for the entire day. Also, I only slept roughly 4-5 hours a night. I was taking several medications trying to relieve the symptoms.

After a few months of chiropractic care, my lower back pain is to a minimum, I no longer need to take pain killers during my menstrual cycle, the migraines are almost completely gone and I now sleep 6+ hours a night. The better I sleep, the more the depression symptoms have become minimal.

I spent years at the doctor’s office trying to figure out the cause of my migraines and menstrual pains. I had tests, ultra sounds, MRIs, CT scans, and medication. No one gave me answers or peace of mind as to why my body was in such dire straits.

Now after chiropractic care, I’m all off my medications except for the rare occasional OTC pain killers. Thank you Dr. Tim! You’re a life saver!


A Spinal Screening At My Health Club Saved My Health

I came to the office because of a spinal screening that West Suburban Wellness offered at my health club. Looking back, I am so glad that they were there…

I have had constant lower back pain for the past 8 years. The back pain had been so bad that it was often made worse with simple standing, sleeping, or even being touched in that area. I had this pain every day. Additionally, I had left shoulder pain and was very fatigued.

I had been to a chiropractor before, but I had no idea that this time the results would be so dramatic. Because of the chiropractic care I have noticed a significant decrease in shoulder and lower back symptoms. In addition, I can stand for longer periods of time without any discomfort.

I now recommend that others see a chiropractor and get on a regular schedule of adjustments. By keeping your spine aligned it can help with any ailment within the body.

Because of the information that the office provided me, I now more fully understand the concept of chiropractic. Needless to say, chiropractic has done more for me in weeks than regular medicine has ever done!

Thank you Chiropractic!


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