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Experiencing pregnancy in Oak Brook, IL, is a transformative event for women, though it often comes with bodily discomfort and pain. West Suburban Wellness is committed to providing targeted chiropractic care services aimed at easing these prenatal challenges. Our specialized chiropractor concentrates on the health of the spine, utilizing precise adjustments to deliver relief and ready the body for the maternity journey and the arrival of new life. This approach not only alleviates common pregnancy-related issues but also fosters optimal health and wellness, benefiting both the woman and her infant during labor and delivery.

Why Choosing a Prenatal Chiropractor is Crucial

The excitement of preparing for a new child—be it your first or third—is immense, filling your life with joyful activities like coordinating grandparent visits and adorning the nursery. However, along with these joys come the all-too-common pregnancy discomforts like back pain and swollen feet.

With a wealth of experience, our team at West Suburban Wellness is dedicated to the health and wellness of mothers-to-be, their partners, and their upcoming babies. Our specialized chiropractic care zeroes in on spine and pelvis alignment for pregnant women. This targeted approach brings relief from pregnancy-related discomforts and boosts the overall health and well-being of both the mother and child.

As you and your partner gear up for the monumental event of childbirth, it’s essential to be in the best possible health. This is where our prenatal chiropractor comes into play, offering a specialized approach focused on pain reduction, proper body alignment, and coping with the physical alterations pregnancy induces. We provide all of this within a welcoming environment. So don’t hesitate, book a visit to our practice and let us tackle the discomforts of pregnancy while you concentrate on the happiness your new child will bring.

Specialists in the Webster Technique

In prenatal chiropractic care, the Webster Technique is distinguished as a highly effective strategy. Conceived in the 1980s by Dr. Larry Webster, the brainchild behind the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, this methodology has shown that chiropractic adjustment offers a secure route to ease both pregnancy and childbirth.

Utilizing the Webster Technique centers around the idea that pelvis misalignments have the potential to create issues during childbirth. By rectifying the alignment of the pelvis, this method helps to cut down on the risk of encountering complications during both labor and delivery.

Our team of chiropractors, serving the community of Oak Brook, IL, is highly trained in pregnancy chiropractic care and are certified in the Webster Technique. They have a wealth of experience in using this particular method to aid expectant mothers.

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The Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment

Pregnancy brings about unique demands on neurological and biomechanical health, and that’s precisely where chiropractic care steps in. By ensuring proper spinal alignment and better nerve communication, we can help pregnant women cope with several common ailments that might emerge, such as:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







In addition to these typical concerns, the expanding size of your baby significantly strains your body. With your uterus growing to make room for the baby, there’s added stress exerted on your lower back area. This results in an enhanced amount of lordosis, the natural curvature just above your buttocks.

With the increase in lordosis, your lower spine’s facet joints undergo a reconfiguration that locks them into less than optimal positions. These alterations aggravate the nerves traversing these joints, notably the sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve experiences stress, it can result in a piercing pain that courses through your buttocks and extends down your legs.

As you navigate through your pregnancy, our team at West Suburban Wellness keeps an eye on these evolving spinal conditions through detailed physical assessments and imaging studies. We then employ mild chiropractic practices to bring your spine into better alignment. This action corrects any irregular movement in the facet joints and alleviates nerve irritation, thus decreasing pain and boosting function.

Should the escalation in lordosis not be treated, your body’s natural response is to develop kyphosis, often known as a hunchback condition. This leads to a significant and painful amount of strain on the middle portion of your back. Even though this posture is commonly linked with aging, it can actually be a concern for you throughout your pregnancy and even afterward.

It’s important to tackle kyphosis before your baby comes, as it can be aggravated by numerous activities that involve bending over. After your baby is born, tasks such as cuddling your baby, setting up their portable playpen, or bottle or breast feeding involve a lot of back rounding or hunching, which can make kyphosis more severe and painful. No matter if you’re the one who gave birth or the partner, well-planned chiropractic care can fortify your neurological system and help you maintain a more elevated head position, preparing you for whatever comes your way in parenting.

Get Your Baby Off to a Great Start with Our Prenatal Chiropractor

In the transformative phase of pregnancy, residents of Oak Brook, IL, who are looking for all-around health care can turn to our prenatal chiropractic services. This method of care provides extensive benefits, not just for mothers but also for their babies. It’s critical to optimize nerve function, which in turn ensures effective communication between the brain and the uterus, the space where the baby is developing. A uterus with prime nerve function creates a nurturing environment, allowing the baby to start life on a path of wholesome growth and mobility.

The conversation isn’t one-sided; it’s a dynamic back-and-forth. As the uterus efficiently sends signals to the brain, the expectant woman’s body is equipped to direct crucial oxygen and nutrients to the baby through the umbilical cord. The expertise of a prenatal chiropractor is indispensable for maintaining proper ovarian nerve function, which helps to stabilize the hormonal environment during the pregnancy.

Our prenatal chiropractor uses a comprehensive approach to counsel patients on adjustments like balanced eating habits and regular physical activity. This approach not only optimizes the nutrient delivery through the umbilical cord but also helps in mood stabilization, assisting mothers-to-be in managing the complexities that pregnancy introduces. Considering recent studies that suggest a connection between prenatal moods and the temperament of the child, starting off with balanced chiropractic care is crucial for the baby’s initial wellness.

Optimize Labor with Chiropractic Care

When the adventure of pregnancy evolves into the labor and delivery phase, the uterus steps up, signaling the awaited time for the baby’s world debut.

As labor progresses, the uterus starts contracting from the top and works its way down, guiding the baby toward the birth canal with the goal of a streamlined delivery when all muscles are in sync. However, this well-tuned muscle dance can be thrown off by lapses or misfires in nerve communication, potentially making labor longer.

While women are frequently told to push through the contractions in childbirth, it’s worth noting that voluntary control applies not to the uterus, but to the muscles surrounding it. The uterus is made of smooth muscle, similar to that of the heart and intestines, and is steered by autonomic nerves, putting it outside the realm of conscious control.

During the complex journey of pregnancy and childbirth, the chiropractic care at West Suburban Wellness acts as a pillar of relief and wellness. By focusing on the spine’s gentle protection of the nerves, we enhance the body’s overall health and alignment. Our strategy goes beyond spinal adjustments and includes advice on specific exercises and stretches designed to keep the sacrum—linked with the uterine nerves—in optimal condition. This paves the way for a smoother transition for both the mother and the baby. This comprehensive treatment provides an array of benefits, such as alleviating the physical discomfort and mental stress that come with the alterations and pressures of pregnancy and childbirth.

Trust West Suburban Wellness for Your Pregnancy Journey

Being pregnant is a significant milestone, bringing its own set of joys, headaches and health challenges. In these transformative times, it’s crucial to align yourself with healthcare professionals genuinely vested in your well-being and comfort. Our prenatal chiropractor and maternity team at West Suburban Wellness offers you just that—a partnership that includes targeted chiropractic care to provide relief from any pain and discomfort you may experience during pregnancy. We concentrate on a holistic health approach that benefits you and your incoming infant, laying the foundation for a smoother labor and delivery.

Should you be interested in more information or in setting up an appointment, you’re welcome to call or come by our office. We’re here to address any questions you have about our range of services or anticipated outcomes, all with a focus on prenatal care. Our aim is to make your pregnancy experience in Oak Brook, IL, as stress-free and enriching as possible. We’re looking forward to beginning this significant journey with you, attending to all your needs for a healthier pregnancy.

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