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In Western Springs, IL, the experience of pregnancy brings both joy and, often, an assortment of bodily discomforts for women. To alleviate this pain and prepare the body for the monumental events of maternity and birthing new life, West Suburban Wellness is committed to providing expert chiropractic care. Our prenatal chiropractor zeroes in on the health of the spine and employs targeted, gentle adjustments for relief and body readiness. This chiropractic approach serves to mitigate the common ailments encountered during pregnancy while fostering optimal health and wellness, thus setting the stage for a more serene labor and delivery for both mother and infant.

The Profound Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

While welcoming a child into the world, whether it’s your first or your fourth, is an exciting time filled with the joy of expectation. Amidst the preparations for the nursery and scheduling grandparent visits, pregnancy can also bring a lot of physical discomforts, including back pain.

West Suburban Wellness is deeply committed to the health of women who are expecting, as well as their partners and unborn children. With a seasoned team, we provide focused chiropractic care that centers on ensuring proper alignment of the spine and pelvis in pregnant women. This not only alleviates common pregnancy-related discomforts but also contributes to the overall wellness of both the expectant mother and her child.

When you’re expecting a child, it’s essential for both you and your partner to be in optimal health for the monumental event of childbirth. This is the prime time to engage with our prenatal chiropractor, who specializes in an approach that minimizes pain, ensures precise body alignment, and addresses all the changes that pregnancy entails, all within a compassionate environment. So, why not arrange a visit to our practice? That way, you can concentrate on the delights a new child offers while we handle the pregnancy-related discomforts.

Webster Technique: Our Chiropractic Certification

Founded in the 1980s by Dr. Larry Webster, who also initiated the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the Webster Technique is highly regarded in the field of prenatal chiropractic care. Being Webster Certified Chiropractors, we advocate that chiropractic adjustment serves as a reliable pathway to ease both pregnancy and the process of childbirth.

Underlying the Webster Technique is the belief that a misaligned pelvis can create challenges during birth. By correcting the alignment of the pelvis, the technique seeks to lower the risk of difficulties arising during both labor and delivery.

Specializing in prenatal chiropractic care, our Webster Certified chiropractors have amassed years of practical know-how in employing the Webster Technique for the benefit of soon-to-be mothers in Western Springs, IL.

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Advantages of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

During the time of pregnancy, it’s imperative to pay close attention to biomechanical and neurological health. This is precisely what chiropractic care sets out to improve through proper alignment of the spine, which betters nerve communications. By focusing on these key elements, we can offer relief to pregnant women suffering from various common ailments related to their physical, nerve, and overall health, such as:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







On top of these challenges, the growth of your baby exerts a significant amount of strain on your body. The expansion of your uterus starts to add more stress to your lower back area, causing an uptick in the amount of lordosis, the natural arch located just above your buttocks.

As lordosis becomes more pronounced, the facet joints in the lower region of your spine undergo changes, settling into detrimental positions. This reconfiguration leads to the irritation of the nerves that navigate through these joints, notably the sciatic nerve. Once this nerve experiences stress, it triggers a radiating pain that courses through your buttocks and extends into your legs.

As you progress through your pregnancy, our team at West Suburban Wellness keeps a keen eye on these spinal changes through thorough physical examinations and diagnostic imaging. Utilizing gentle chiropractic practices, we guide your spine back into a more optimal alignment. This not only corrects the movements of the facet joints but also alleviates any nerve irritations, ultimately resulting in less pain and better bodily function.

Failing to treat lordosis can lead your body to adopt kyphosis, a condition also recognized as a hunchback, which exerts considerable strain on the middle of your back. While the posture may often be linked to the stereotypical “little old lady,” it’s important to understand that it can be a concern for you during your pregnancy and beyond.

Since bending over frequently can intensify kyphosis, it’s vital to treat this condition before your baby makes their appearance. Activities you’ll engage in after the birth, such as cuddling your baby, folding their playpen, or feeding them, entail a lot of back rounding or stooping, which can aggravate kyphosis and cause more pain. Whether you’re the one who gave birth or the supporting partner, timely chiropractic intervention can strengthen your neurological framework and help you maintain good posture, preparing you for the demands of being a parent.

Start Your Baby on a Healthy Path with Our Prenatal Chiropractor

For those residing in Western Springs, IL, and looking for a holistic approach to pregnancy care, prenatal chiropractic treatment opens the door to comprehensive health for both mothers and their developing babies. Such care’s benefits are not restricted to mothers; babies also gain considerably from these early interventions. Establishing a flawless nerve connection between the brain and the uterus is crucial, especially considering that’s where the baby will be growing. When nerve function is optimal, the uterus becomes an ideal environment, offering sufficient space and the right conditions for your baby to begin a life of healthy growth and development.

It’s important to note that the communication isn’t just one-sided; it’s a vital two-way process. When the uterus can efficiently relay messages to the brain, the body of the pregnant woman is more capable of delivering the necessary oxygen and nutrients to the developing baby through the umbilical cord. In this way, a prenatal chiropractor is crucial for sustaining proper ovarian nerve function, ensuring a balanced hormonal setting for the duration of the pregnancy.

Our team of chiropractors adopts an all-inclusive approach, guiding prenatal patients toward lifestyle modifications, such as regular physical activity and nutritious eating habits. This focus not only enriches the nutrient delivery through the umbilical cord but also helps in mood stabilization, which is indispensable for mothers facing the diverse challenges of pregnancy. Recent research has pointed to the significance of mental balance during pregnancy, linking it to a child’s temperament in the initial years of life. Consequently, proactive and balanced chiropractic care is essential for laying the cornerstone of wellness for the baby from the get-go.

Chiropractic Support for a Smooth Labor Transition

As the phase of pregnancy segues into labor and delivery, the uterus embarks on its pivotal role, indicating that it’s time for the baby to make their worldly debut. Chiropractic care becomes a critical component in facilitating this transition.

During labor, the uterus initiates contractions from the top, pushing the baby toward the birth canal in hopes of a streamlined delivery when muscles work in harmony. Yet, this optimal sequence can get disrupted due to faulty nerve signaling, potentially extending the duration of labor.

Even though women are commonly told to exert effort during contractions in the process of childbirth, it’s key to know that this willful action doesn’t influence the uterus, but the muscles surrounding it. The uterus, much like the heart and intestines, consists of smooth muscle and is controlled by autonomic nerves, which limits our ability to control it voluntarily.

During these crucial times, the chiropractic care delivered by West Suburban Wellness serves as a source of relief and wellness. It ensures that the spine effectively houses the nerves without disruption, adding to the overall health and proper alignment of the body. Our specialized chiropractic approach also recommends targeted exercises and stretches that focus on the health and flexibility of the sacrum, the spinal area linked to the uterine nerves. This helps create a more favorable beginning for both the mother and her child. Providing such well-rounded care bestows a range of benefits upon pregnant women, not only improving body alignment and function but also potentially easing the stress and discomfort tied to the transformations and challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.

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Starting your pregnancy journey is a monumental stage in life, filled with new adventures and obstacles. It’s particularly important at this vulnerable juncture to select healthcare experts who are wholly committed to your comfort and health. West Suburban Wellness is eager to be by your side during this significant time, providing valuable advice and focused chiropractic adjustment care that aims to relieve any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing due to pregnancy. Our dedicated maternity team is here to address each of your concerns, adopting an all-encompassing wellness approach that benefits both you as an expectant mother and your soon-to-be-born child, ensuring everyone is well-prepared for the process of labor and delivery.

Should you need additional information about our chiropractic therapy or wish to arrange an appointment, feel free to call us or swing by our office. We’re readily available to field any questions you might have about the services we offer, the expected results, or any other issues tied to prenatal care. Our goal is to ensure your pregnancy journey in Western Springs, IL, is both comfortable and rewarding. We’re thrilled to start this new chapter with you, covering all your bases and promoting a healthy, stress-free pregnancy.

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