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Welcome to West Suburban Wellness where we offer the best in chiropractic care for patients of all ages. We use spinal manipulation in order to help you heal from injury and live a pain-free life without having to rely on surgery or powerful drugs.  Let us introduce you to our spinal manipulation therapy that makes use of high velocity low amplitude thrust approach to restore and improve your joint functioning.  All our specialists are certified and highly trained new chiropractors in Downers Grove IL. Our objective is to offer you significant pain relief that leads to the restoration of a healthy and functioning spine.

You might be asking who can benefit most from our treatment programs? Well, chiropractic is recommended for people with problems associated with the spine as well as the back joints and surrounding musculature. We are certified to perform adjustment methods for all age groups. Our approach is gentle, safe and most of all effective.

Here at West Suburban Wellness our patients feel great because they no longer suffer from acute and chronic pain caused by spinal subluxations. When our patients show improvement their health, mood and vitality also improves.  Our patients experience significant improvement in posture, breathing, digestion and more which gives them confidence to perform their daily activities.  Allow us to treat the root cause of the pain in your body so you can achieve longer lasting relief and a happier, healthier and more active life.

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