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Navigating through the transformative process of pregnancy often brings about discomfort and pain for women residing in Glen Ellyn, IL. West Suburban Wellness is committed to delivering specialized chiropractic care that targets the pain and discomfort associated with this remarkable phase of life. Our experienced prenatal chiropractor concentrates on spine health, applying gentle adjustments to offer relief and prepare the body adequately for maternity and introducing new life. This approach not only eases common issues encountered during pregnancy, but also enhances overall health and wellness for both the woman and the infant, making labor and delivery a smoother experience.

Reasons to Choose a Prenatal Chiropractor

Whether you’re expecting your first, second, or even your seventh child, anticipating the arrival of your baby is an emotional journey full of joy and enthusiasm. While enjoyable activities like outfitting the nursery and arranging visits with grandparents fill your schedule, it’s hard to ignore common issues such as back pain and swollen ankles that often accompany pregnancy.

West Suburban Wellness is deeply committed to prioritizing the health of pregnant women, their partners, and their upcoming new additions. Leveraging our expertise, our team delivers targeted chiropractic care specifically tailored for expectant mothers. Our primary focus is on the correct alignment of the spine and pelvis, aiming to provide relief from common pregnancy-related discomforts. The ultimate goal is to improve the overall health and wellness of both mother and child.

Pregnancy demands that you and your partner be in optimal health to prepare for the monumental occasion of childbirth. This pivotal period in your life serves as an ideal opportunity to consult our prenatal chiropractor for a comprehensive approach to your health. Our strategy emphasizes pain reduction, maintaining correct body alignment, and tackling the unique changes that pregnancy introduces, all in a nurturing setting. Book a visit to our practice so you can then concentrate on the joy a new child will bring while we manage the discomforts associated with pregnancy.

Certified in the Webster Technique

The Webster Technique stands as one of the most respected approaches in the realm of prenatal chiropractic care. Originating in the 1980s, this method was developed by Dr. Larry Webster, the visionary behind the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Webster demonstrated that utilizing chiropractic adjustment is a secure way to alleviate difficulties associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

The foundation of the Webster Technique is the understanding that pelvis misalignment can create obstacles during the birthing process. By correcting the alignment of the pelvis, the Webster Technique aims to minimize the risk of issues arising during labor and delivery.

Our team of chiropractors are highly trained in prenatal chiropractic care and hold Webster Certification. We’ve amassed years of hands-on experience applying the Webster Technique to assist expectant moms from Glen Ellyn, IL.

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Advantages of Prenatal Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

In the course of pregnancy, it’s crucial to pay special attention to biomechanical and neurological health, which are the primary focuses of chiropractic care. By achieving proper spinal alignment, we can enhance nerve communication, which in turn benefits various aspects of health. Our expertise in these essential areas helps pregnant women cope with a range of common discomforts associated with physical, nerve, and general health complications that often manifest during pregnancy. Some of these include:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







Aside from these issues, the growth of your baby imposes a significant amount of strain on your physique. As your baby expands in size, your enlarging uterus places extra stress on your lower back. When this happens, there’s an increase in the amount of lordosis, which is the natural curve located just above the buttocks.

When the amount of lordosis amplifies, it prompts the facet joints in your lower spine to shift and settle into positions that are not beneficial for your health. Such changes in the facet joints can aggravate the nerves passing through them, including the sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve becomes stressed, it can lead to a sharp, radiating pain that courses through the buttocks and legs.

While you’re going through pregnancy, our team at West Suburban Wellness closely monitors these shifts through physical assessments and diagnostic imaging. We then employ mild chiropractic methods to guide your spine back into a more beneficial alignment. This adjustment corrects the movement of the facet joints and minimizes nerve irritation, leading to reduced pain and enhanced function.

If lordosis goes unaddressed, your body will likely compensate by developing kyphosis, commonly referred to as a hunchback. This condition places a substantial and uncomfortable amount of strain on your middle back. While you may typically link this type of posture with the image of a stooped “little old lady,” it’s a condition that could impact you both during and after your pregnancy.

Considering that kyphosis can worsen with frequent bending down, it’s crucial to address it prior to your baby’s arrival. Post-birth activities like holding your baby, setting up a playpen, or bottle or breast-feeding involve a lot of rounding of the back and leaning forward. These actions can intensify kyphosis and increase discomfort. Whether you’re the one who gave birth or the partner, targeted chiropractic measures can be instrumental in fortifying your neurological system and maintaining an upright posture, better equipping you to handle whatever challenges parenthood throws your way.

Our Chiropractor Offers a Solid Beginning for Mom and Baby

If you’re in Glen Ellyn, IL, and are navigating the transformative phase of pregnancy,  our prenatal chiropractor offers a well-rounded healthy body for both you and your future child. The advantages of this type of care aren’t confined to mothers; the benefits extend to babies as well. Ensuring unobstructed communication between the uterus and brain is crucial, given that your baby is growing within the uterus. When nerve function is optimized, the uterus turns into a nourishing space, offering the ideal environment for your baby to start their journey towards healthy growth and development.

The link between the uterus and brain is a vital, reciprocal relationship. As the uterus efficiently transmits signals to the brain, it enables the pregnant woman’s body to proficiently channel oxygen and vital nutrients via the umbilical cord to meet the baby’s growth requirements. A prenatal chiropractor plays a critical role in maintaining optimal ovarian nerve function, which in turn helps to sustain a hormonally balanced environment throughout the course of the pregnancy.

Chiropractors take a comprehensive approach when guiding their prenatal patients, recommending changes in lifestyle such as adopting a balanced diet and engaging in consistent exercise. This holistic focus enhances the flow of nutrients via the umbilical cord and helps stabilize mood, equipping expectant mothers to handle the various challenges that come with pregnancy. Mental equilibrium is especially important; recent studies have indicated a connection between a mother’s mood during pregnancy and her baby’s temperament in early childhood. A balanced and proactive chiropractic care regimen is crucial in establishing a baseline of wellness for the baby right from the start.

Optimize Labor through Chiropractic Care

As the adventure of pregnancy evolves into the critical stages of labor and delivery, the uterus begins its key role, indicating that the moment has come for the baby to emerge into the world.

In the course of labor, the uterus undergoes contractions that start from the top and move downward, propelling the baby toward the birth canal for a smoother delivery, provided that the muscles are in sync. However, this sequence can occasionally get disrupted due to lapses or delays in nerve communication, which can result in uncoordinated contractions and potentially prolonged labor.

While women are often coached to push through contractions during childbirth, it’s important to note that this conscious effort really only affects the surrounding muscles, not the uterus itself. The uterus is made up of smooth muscle tissue, similar to the heart and intestines. These types of muscles are governed by the autonomic nervous system, meaning they function largely outside of our voluntary control.

In times like these, the chiropractic care from West Suburban Wellness acts as a source of relief. It reestablishes nerve communication by delicately safeguarding the nerves within the spine, boosting both alignment and overall health. Beyond that, our approach in chiropractic care instructs you on beneficial exercises and stretches, specifically aimed at preserving the health and mobility of the sacrum, a key spinal area linked to uterine nerves. This sets the stage for a more comfortable beginning for both mother and child. The comprehensive nature of this care brings multiple advantages, from enhanced bodily function and alignment to potential relief from the stress and discomfort that come with the transformations and demands of pregnancy and childbirth.

Discover Comprehensive Pregnancy Support at West Suburban Wellness

In this transformative chapter of life called pregnancy, the value of selecting healthcare experts committed to your wellness and comfort cannot be overstated. West Suburban Wellness is prepared to walk this path with you, supplying essential advice and tailored chiropractic care aimed at mitigating any pregnancy-related pain or discomfort. Concentrating on a holistic strategy, our team endeavors to meet all your needs, serving both the mother-to-be and the infant, to guarantee top health and readiness for the labor and delivery stages.

For additional information or to arrange an appointment with our chiropractor, you’re more than welcome to call or visit our office. We stand ready to field all your questions—whether they’re about the results you can anticipate from our services or any other details pertaining to prenatal chiropractic care. Our mission is to provide women in the community of Glen Ellyn, IL, with a nurturing and stress-free environment throughout their pregnancy.

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