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Navigating through pregnancy often poses uncomfortable moments for women in Elmhurst, IL. To support them, West Suburban Wellness offers specialized chiropractic care tailored to ease physical challenges during this pivotal time. Our expert prenatal chiropractor concentrates on maintaining spinal health through meticulous adjustments, which not only provide relief but also prepare the body for maternity and the birth of new life. This approach goes beyond the alleviation of discomfort; it aims to boost the overall wellness and health of both the expectant woman and her infant, thus contributing to a smoother labor and delivery.

The Importance of a Prenatal Chiropractor

The experience of preparing for your new child by decorating the nursery and coordinating visits with grandparents comes naturally during pregnancy. However, it’s also typical to encounter issues like back pain, and that’s where our dedicated prenatal chiropractor steps in to provide relief.

Our team is committed to the health of pregnant mothers, their partners, and their unborn babies. By focusing on adjusting the spine and pelvis, we offer essential relief from the discomforts associated with pregnancy, thereby enhancing the wellness and health of both the mother and the child.

As you and your partner gear up for the life-altering experience of childbirth, being in top health becomes paramount. At West Suburban Wellness, our prenatal chiropractor specializes in easing pregnancy-related pain, ensuring your body is in proper alignment, and tackling all the changes that come with carrying a child. A visit to our office allows you to focus on the joy of the new life you’re bringing into the world, while we take on the responsibility of alleviating the aches and pains of pregnancy.

Certified in the Webster Technique

The Webster Technique, developed in the 1980s by Dr. Larry Webster—the founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association—is a cornerstone in the field of prenatal chiropractic care. Dr. Webster ascertained that using chiropractic adjustment is a reliable way to lessen complications throughout pregnancy and facilitate smoother childbirth.

Utilizing the Webster Technique, the focus is on properly aligning the pelvis to decrease the risk associated with labor and delivery. This method is rooted in the idea that pelvic misalignments can contribute to complications during the birth process.

With a rich background in prenatal chiropractic care, our chiropractors are Webster Certified and highly experienced in using the Webster Technique to benefit moms-to-be in Elmhurst, IL.

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Discovering the Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Pregnant women often experience a myriad of health issues, from back pain and nausea to sciatica. That’s where chiropractic care comes into play. By focusing on spinal alignment and nerve communication, we work to improve both biomechanical and neurological health. This proactive approach offers substantial benefits, helping to mitigate common pregnancy-related discomforts across physical, nerve, and general health, including:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







Besides the issues already discussed, it’s important to consider the added strain that a growing baby puts on your body. With the expansion of your uterus to make room for the baby, your lower back experiences increased stress. This change results in a greater amount of lordosis, the natural curvature found just above your buttocks.

As the extent of lordosis intensifies, it prompts unhealthy reconfigurations in the facet joints of your lower spine. These changes can irritate the nerves that flow through these joints, notably the sciatic nerve. Once this nerve becomes stressed, it can lead to shooting pain that courses through your buttocks and extends down your legs.

As you progress through your pregnancy, our West Suburban Wellness team carefully monitors these spinal shifts through both physical exams and imaging studies. We then apply gentle chiropractic techniques to realign the spine, correcting the facet joint issues and alleviating nerve irritation. This results in less pain for you and improved overall bodily function.

If the increasing lordosis during your pregnancy is left untreated, kyphosis, or a hunched back, could develop as your body’s way of counterbalancing. This posture can lead to a significant amount of strain on your middle back, and while it’s often associated with older individuals, it can certainly occur during and post-pregnancy.

As your baby’s birth approaches, tackling kyphosis becomes increasingly important. After your baby is born, you’ll find yourself in many positions that involve rounding your back, whether it’s nursing, assembling a portable play space, or simply cradling your baby. These actions can aggravate kyphosis and lead to greater discomfort. That’s where strategic chiropractic intervention can help, offering a way to strengthen your neurological system and maintain a more upright posture as you navigate the complexities of parenthood.

Trust Our Prenatal Chiropractor to Provide Mother and Baby the Best Start

Serving Elmhurst, IL, our specialized prenatal chiropractic care offers mothers and their babies a route to holistic health. It’s not only the mothers who see the benefits; the care extends to the babies developing within them. Key to this is optimal nerve function, which allows for seamless communication between the brain and the uterus, the baby’s developing space. With this approach, we ensure that the uterus is a nurturing environment, providing the necessary space and conditions for the baby to have an excellent start in their journey of health and movement.

It’s a mutual interaction: the pregnant woman’s body can adeptly distribute essential nutrients and oxygen to the baby through the umbilical cord when the uterus effectively relays signals to the brain. A prenatal chiropractor plays a pivotal role in preserving consistent nerve function, which maintains a balanced hormonal environment for the entire duration of the pregnancy.

Our chiropractors aim to offer a balanced and proactive approach to prenatal care. We guide our patients on how to lead a balanced lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and regular physical activity. This not only assists expecting mothers in managing the unique challenges of pregnancy but also optimizes the flow of nutrients via the umbilical cord. Plus, it’s critical to maintain mental wellness during this period, as recent studies suggest that maternal mood can affect a baby’s temperament in early life. Our well-rounded chiropractic care provides an early start for your baby’s overall wellness.

Optimize Labor through Chiropractic Care

As pregnancy progresses towards the pivotal stages of labor and delivery, the uterus steps up to signal that the baby is about to make their debut. Starting at the top, the uterus initiates contractions aimed at moving the baby towards the birth canal for a smooth birth, assuming all muscles are in sync.

Nevertheless, this ideal orchestration can sometimes be disrupted by hitches in nerve signaling, which can lead to irregular contractions and possibly extend the duration of labor. With chiropractic care, the objective is to optimize these muscle and nerve interactions for an efficient delivery.

Though women are guided to exert effort during contractions in childbirth, it’s worth noting that they have control over the surrounding muscles but not the uterus itself. The uterus consists of smooth muscle tissue, similar to the heart and digestive tract, and is directed by autonomic nerves, constraining the ability for voluntary command.

Navigating the complexities of pregnancy, West Suburban Wellness offers a multifaceted approach to chiropractic care that goes beyond mere relief of discomfort. By safeguarding the integrity of the spine, we enable smooth nerve communication essential for the body’s overall alignment and health. This chiropractic care also incorporates guidance on specific exercises and stretches that focus on the sacrum’s health, the spinal area directly connected to the uterine nerves. This comprehensive strategy not only provides a host of benefits to the pregnant mother but also helps in setting a positive start for the newborn by mitigating the stress and discomfort associated with the body changes during pregnancy and childbirth.

Discover Comprehensive Pregnancy Support at West Suburban Wellness

The journey of pregnancy is a profound life event requiring diligent health and comfort considerations. Committed to the well-being of those from Elmhurst, IL, West Suburban Wellness offers specialized chiropractic care to relieve the discomfort and pain inherent in pregnancy. Our team is focused on an approach that is beneficial to both the mother-to-be and the infant, setting the stage for optimal health as you prepare for labor and delivery.

To gather more information or book an appointment, feel welcome to give our office a call. We’re available to answer all questions you might have about our services, expected results, and any other issues related to prenatal care so your pregnancy experience can be as nurturing and stress-free as possible. We’re eager to start this new chapter with you, addressing all your requirements for a healthy pregnancy.

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