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Spinal rehabilitation is performed by licensed chiropractors and involves hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative approaches. This results in proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure of the body, more particularly the spine. Our spinal rehabilitation in Lombard, IL, can typically help your body heal itself and avoid the need of surgery or drugs. Through manipulation we can restore the mobility of the joints restricted by tissue injury due to a traumatic event like repetitive stress, sports injury, accident, poor posture and more. Let us bring you back to perfect health naturally via our spinal rehabilitation treatments.

We use spinal manipulation or spinal manipulative therapy to help you get better and live pain-free without having to depend on medication to achieve results. Our spinal manipulation features a high velocity low amplitude thrust approach that can help restore and enhance joint functionality. When performed by a certified, highly trained chiropractic spinal rehabilitation specialist in Lombard, IL, it can result in significant pain relief for the paint and leads to the restoration of normal and healthy functionality of the spine.

At West Suburban Wellness Spinal Rehabilitation Facility You Will Enjoy Many Benefits Including:


Better Flexibility

When done correctly by a certified chiropractor, spinal rehabilitation can result in a significantly better back, neck and shoulders flexibility. Paired with the right exercises, your body will reap long-term benefits and better overall health.

Relief from Pain

Probably the biggest benefit you can get from spinal rehabilitation is pain relief. This can change not just your health and body for the better but also improve your mood and well-being and can literally change your life. In some instances, substantial pain relief may be achieved by the end of the first treatment when the spinal segments regain their correct alignment and hence move more optimally while surrounding muscles begin to relax from the built-up tension.

Less Dependence on Medication

Many people that suffer from spine and back problems often have to resort to powerful drugs in order to get relief. Chronic pain can limit your mobility and lead to a lower quality of life. The good news is dependence on drugs is preventable when you undergo spinal rehabilitation Lombard, IL. There is a good chance too that you can completely forego all your pain medications, a truly good development that will provide you with far reaching positive effects on your health not just in the short term but for the long term as well.

May Prevent the Need for Surgery

For many people that suffer from chronic pain, surgery might be their only choice to try and correct the issues that cause their pain. There is a good chance that with spinal rehabilitation, it may eliminate the need to have surgery for some conditions. Visit West Suburban Wellness today to know if what you have is something that can be treated. It could be one of the wisest decisions you could ever make.

May Help Boost your Immunity

When you have a healthy immune system you gain the ability to ward off many of the bacteria and viruses that your body comes into contact with and with little assistance from medication too. Since the nervous system controls most of the functions of the tissues, organs and cells of the body, any misalignment of the spine can reduce the efficacy of the immune system. Through spinal rehabilitation we can help realign the spine to its correct position and free up the immune system to do its job without any hindrances.

Increases your Energy Level

Who would not want to have higher energy levels everyday? Spinal rehabilitation Lombard, IL can do this in a couple of ways: The first is through reduction of tension in the spine and secondly by freeing up the nerves so they can work more efficiently. A lot of times our bodies are tense and sore for so long but we hardly ever notice it and pain seems to be a nuisance that we have learned to live with. When our bodies are run down with chronic aches and pains, our nervous system becomes ineffective and we see ourselves feeling more tired and run down more often. Spinal rehabilitation can remove all the pressure causing this and in effect free the body to run as it was meant to.

Helps us Breathe Better

The lungs just like any other part of the body relies on unimpeded nerve function from the brain to the spinal cord. Any misalignment in the mid cervical and thoracic regions often leads to many lung abnormalities including asthma. Spinal rehabilitation involves the correction of the subluxations in these areas in order to reduce inflammation in the lungs and in effect increase the quality and depth of our breathing.

Spinal rehabilitation is a safe, natural and effective means of helping the body to heal itself. Visit West Suburban Wellness today. We are very excited to hear from you.

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