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Throughout the remarkable, yet frequently uncomfortable, period of pregnancy for women in Hinsdale, IL, West Suburban Wellness provides tailored chiropractic care aimed at easing pain and discomfort. Our adept prenatal chiropractor zeroes in on spine health, applying precise adjustments to bring relief and ready the body for the life-changing event of childbirth. This method not only helps in mitigating prevalent issues during pregnancy but also fosters the best possible health and wellness for both the woman and her infant, making labor and delivery more favorable.

The Role of a Prenatal Chiropractor in Maternity Care

The anticipation and joy of pregnancy fills the air with excitement. While planning visits with grandparents and setting up the nursery can be delightful activities, pregnancy also comes with its set of challenges. Among them are frequent issues like back pain, headaches, and swollen ankles.

With a commitment to the well-being of moms-to-be, their partners, and their soon-to-arrive little ones, our seasoned team at West Suburban Wellness specializes in chiropractic care tailored to pregnant women. By focusing on aligning the spine and pelvis, we offer mothers relief from the physical discomforts that come with pregnancy, aiming to improve the overall health of both the mother and her developing child.

As you and your partner prepare for the monumental life event of childbirth, your health should be a top priority. Consider making a visit to our practice, where our prenatal chiropractor specializes in minimizing pregnancy-related pain, achieving correct body alignment, and handling the bodily changes you’re experiencing. All of this takes place in a nurturing environment, allowing you to concentrate on the joy a new child brings while we manage your pregnancy discomforts.

Our Qualifications in the Webster Technique

As specialists in the field of prenatal chiropractic care, we hold certifications in the Webster Technique. This respected method was inaugurated in the 1980s by Dr. Larry Webster, who also founded the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. It’s recognized as a safe chiropractic adjustment approach to alleviate the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.

The underlying principle of this approach is that an improperly aligned pelvis can cause issues during childbirth. Correcting these misalignments through the Webster Technique aims to minimize the risk associated with labor and delivery.

Serving the community of Hinsdale, IL, our chiropractors are well-versed in prenatal chiropractic care and are certified in the Webster Technique, bringing years of experience to assist expectant moms.

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Exploring the Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

If you’re pregnant, you’ll be happy to know that chiropractic care offers many benefits tailored specifically for your needs. Central to chiropractic care are neurological and biomechanical well-being, and our methods focus on proper spinal alignment to boost nerve function. By doing so, we can help pregnant women manage a range of discomforts and health issues that can often come up, including but not limited to:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







Besides the issues already outlined, the growth of your baby adds a new layer of physical strain. As your uterus increases in size, added stress is placed on the lower back, causing an increase in the amount of lordosis, the curvature of the spine just above the tailbone.

The escalation in the degree of lordosis leads to the facet joints in your lower spine adopting and locking into positions that are not healthy. This rearrangement triggers irritation in the nerves passing through these joints, including the all-important sciatic nerve. Once this nerve feels the pressure, you may experience a sharp, radiating pain that courses through your buttocks and down your legs.

During your pregnancy, our team at West Suburban Wellness keeps an eye out for these physical changes by employing diagnostic imaging and thorough examinations. We then implement gentle chiropractic methods to realign your spine more favorably. This process helps restore proper facet joint movement and alleviates nerve irritation, leading to reduced pain and enhanced function.

If the rise in lordosis goes unchecked, your body may respond by developing kyphosis, which is commonly referred to as hunchback. This condition places a significant amount of painful stress on your mid-back area. Although you might think of this posture as something that only affects elderly individuals, it can actually occur during and post-pregnancy.

Given that kyphosis can get worse with frequent bending, it’s crucial to address it before your baby arrives. Activities like holding your baby, setting up their playpen, or nursing can require a lot of hunching or rounding of the back, exacerbating kyphosis and increasing pain. Chiropractic care can be a strategic solution for both birthing and non-birthing parents to bolster the neurological system and maintain better posture, preparing you for the challenges of parenthood.

Our Prenatal Chiropractor is Committed to Giving Mother and Baby the Best Start

For soon-to-be mothers and their babies in Hinsdale, IL, prenatal chiropractic care offers a comprehensive approach to wellness. Not just beneficial for mothers, such treatment also has immense rewards for developing babies. Facilitating optimal nerve function is critical, especially because it connects the brain to the uterus, where the baby is growing. When nerve communication is flawless, the uterus becomes an ideal space, setting the stage for the baby’s healthy development and activity.

It’s essential to understand that the interaction between the uterus and the brain is not a one-way street; it’s a critical two-way exchange. When the uterus can send clear signals to the brain, the body of the pregnant woman becomes more effective in delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to the developing baby via the umbilical cord. In this complex process, a prenatal chiropractor plays a pivotal role by helping maintain optimal ovarian nerve function, which in turn creates a balanced hormonal environment during the pregnancy.

Chiropractors adopt a comprehensive approach when treating prenatal patients, not just focusing on spinal adjustments but also guiding them through lifestyle changes like balanced nutrition and consistent exercise. This all-around care enhances the nutrient transfer to the baby via the umbilical cord and helps stabilize the mother’s mood—essential for tackling the complexities that come with pregnancy. Interestingly, recent studies indicate a connection between a mother’s mood during pregnancy and her baby’s temperament in early childhood. Therefore, chiropractic care is more than just about physical wellness; it’s also about creating a balanced start for your baby.

Optimal Labor & Delivery with Chiropractic Care

As pregnancy evolves into the crucial stages of labor and delivery, the uterus steps into the spotlight, indicating that the baby’s debut into the world is imminent.

Throughout labor, the uterus contracts from the top downward, guiding the baby into the birth canal for a smooth delivery when muscle coordination is optimal. But sometimes, nerve signaling can face hiccups, causing out-of-sync contractions and potentially lengthening the labor process.

​​While women are often advised to push through the pain during contractions in childbirth, it’s important to recognize that this voluntary effort affects only the muscles surrounding the uterus, not the uterus itself. Like the heart and intestines, the uterus is made up of smooth muscle and is controlled by autonomic nerves, which limits the ability to consciously control its actions.

As pregnancy and childbirth bring about various changes and stresses on the body, the chiropractic care offered at West Suburban Wellness stands as a crucial form of relief. By focusing on spine health, our treatment ensures the nerves are well-protected, facilitating seamless communication within the body. This not only contributes to the overall alignment and health but also targets the sacrum, which is directly connected to the uterine nerves. By offering exercises and stretches, our approach aims for a smoother start for both mother and child. This comprehensive care benefits pregnant women in multiple ways, from improving body function to easing the discomfort and stress of pregnancy and childbirth.

Visit West Suburban Wellness for Comprehensive Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy is a wonderful chapter of life that brings new challenges and experiences. Finding healthcare professionals committed to ease your discomfort and improve your health is paramount during this period. West Suburban Wellness is eager to walk this path with you, extending expert chiropractic care and advice tailored to ease pregnancy-related pain and discomfort. Our prenatal chiropractor focuses on a holistic view that benefits not only the expectant mother but also the infant, paving the way for optimal health and readiness for labor and delivery.

If you’re in Hinsdale, IL, and find yourself with questions about prenatal chiropractic care or need to arrange an appointment, don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by our office. We’re eager to start this experience with you, covering all your bases and striving to make your pregnancy as stress-free and rewarding as possible. Our team is here to provide any information about our services and what outcomes you can expect, so don’t hesitate. Contact us today!

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Hinsdale, IL, situated in both DuPage and Cook counties, is renowned for its elegant homes, tree-lined streets, and a deep sense of community heritage. Its enviable position, a short distance from Chicago, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of suburban tranquility and the conveniences of a major city. The allure of Hinsdale is not just its picturesque surroundings but also a result of the village’s commitment to preserving its historic charm while integrating modern amenities.

Residents and visitors in Hinsdale are treated to a wealth of recreational activities. The village is dotted with lush parks, scenic trails, and recreational centers, each offering a unique experience for individuals and families alike. Additionally, the community calendar is replete with cultural events, art fairs, and local gatherings that foster a tight-knit community spirit. For those who wish to indulge in more urban experiences, Chicago’s vast array of attractions is just a quick drive or train ride away. Through its blend of local charm and strategic position near Chicago, Hinsdale has established itself as a premier destination in the metropolitan area.

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