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Pregnancy often brings its share of discomfort and pain for women in Downers Grove, IL, but West Suburban Wellness is committed to offering specialized chiropractic care services to mitigate these challenges. Concentrating on the health of the spine, our prenatal chiropractor employs targeted adjustments to offer relief and effectively prepare the body for maternity and the miraculous event of introducing a new life. This approach not only lessens the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy but also enhances the overall wellness of both the expecting woman and her infant, aiding in a smoother labor and delivery.

Why Expectant Mothers Need a Prenatal Chiropractor

As you prepare to welcome a new addition, the joy and excitement are palpable. Amidst the fun tasks of nursery preparation and scheduling grandparent visits, discomforts like back pain and swollen ankles often make their unwelcome appearance.

Our team at West Suburban Wellness is committed to supporting the health of expectant mothers, their growing babies, and their partners. Through specialized chiropractic care, we work to properly align the spine and pelvis, delivering relief from the aches and discomforts of pregnancy and promoting better health for both mom and child.

Facing childbirth is a pivotal moment in life, requiring you and your partner to be in top health. Our practice provides a specialized prenatal chiropractor team whose approach centers on reducing your pain and ensuring your body is properly aligned so you can comfortably face all of the changes that come with pregnancy. We offer a supportive environment, so you can focus on the excitement of welcoming a new child as we handle the discomforts you may be experiencing.

We’re Certified in the Webster Technique

In the realm of prenatal chiropractic care, our credentials include certification in the Webster Technique. Created by Dr. Larry Webster of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association back in the 1980s, this specific chiropractic adjustment technique is a verified safe way to make both pregnancy and childbirth less strenuous.

At its core, the Webster Technique focuses on correcting any misalignments of the pelvis, as such irregularities can create challenges during birth. By employing this technique, the goal is to lower the likelihood of complications during labor and delivery.

Our team of chiropractors are experts in prenatal chiropractic care and hold Webster Technique certifications. We have years of experience using this technique to aid soon-to-be mothers living in Downers Grove, IL.

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Why Prenatal Chiropractic Care Is Essential

Attention to biomechanical and neurological health is critical during pregnancy, and that’s where chiropractic care shines. By aligning the spine correctly, we optimize nerve function. This targeted approach provides pregnant women with relief from a host of common ailments that can plague them during this period, such as:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







Apart from the discomforts we’ve discussed, having a growing baby inside you presents its own stress and strain on your body. Your enlarging uterus adds more pressure to your lower back area, leading to an increase in the amount of lordosis, the curve just above your buttocks.

As lordosis intensifies, your lower spine’s facet joints can move into unhealthy positions. Such alterations aggravate the nerves that run through these joints, like the sciatic nerve. When this nerve is under stress, it often results in a jolting pain that moves through your buttocks and legs.

As you navigate through pregnancy, our team at West Suburban Wellness uses imaging and physical exams to identify these changes in your body. We then apply gentle chiropractic approaches to guide your spine back into a more optimal alignment. This action corrects the movement of your facet joints and minimizes nerve discomfort, ultimately relieving pain and boosting function.

Failing to address escalating lordosis could lead your body to compensate with kyphosis, also known as the hunchback condition. This places a considerable and painful strain on the area of your middle back. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just an issue for elderly people; it’s something that can impact you during your pregnancy and beyond.

It’s vital to tackle kyphosis before your baby is born, especially since it can worsen with a lot of bending activities. After birth, tasks such as holding your baby, assembling their play space, or bottle or breast feeding often require you to hunch or round your back, aggravating kyphosis further. Chiropractic interventions can be key in strengthening your neurological system and promoting a more upright posture, equipping you to handle whatever comes your way as a parent.

The Best Start for Mother and Baby Begins with Our Prenatal Chiropractor

West Suburban Wellness provides a holistic health regimen that benefits expectant mothers from Downers Grove, IL. However, the advantages of this type of care extend beyond the health of mothers-to-be. Prenatal chiropractic care provides benefits to developing babies as well. One critical aspect is ensuring peak nerve function, which is essential for effective communication between the brain and the uterus, the baby’s developmental environment. When nerve pathways are uninterrupted, the uterus transforms into a nurturing space, giving the baby the right conditions for healthy growth.

The communication between the pregnant woman’s body and her brain is a two-way interaction. When the uterus efficiently communicates with the brain, it allows for effective transmission of oxygen and essential nutrients to the baby through the umbilical cord. This is where a prenatal chiropractor is instrumental in preserving the optimal function of the ovarian nerve, ensuring a balanced hormonal environment throughout pregnancy.

In their treatment of pregnant patients, chiropractors go beyond the spine to offer a holistic approach that includes advice on balanced nutrition and exercise. This comprehensive approach enhances not only the nutrient flow to the baby through the umbilical cord but also mood stabilization for mothers facing the emotional and physical hurdles of pregnancy. Current research suggests that a mother’s emotional state during pregnancy could influence her baby’s temperament during early childhood. Chiropractic care serves as a proactive approach to establishing a healthy foundation for babies from the start.

Improve Labor & Delivery with Chiropractic Care

As you progress from pregnancy toward labor and delivery, your uterus takes on an increasingly significant role, signaling that your baby is ready to be welcomed into the world.

In the course of labor, the uterus starts its contractions from the top and moves downward, pushing the baby toward the birth canal for an ideally coordinated delivery. However, when nerve communication is hindered, these contractions can become unsynchronized, possibly prolonging labor.

Encouraging women to push with contractions during childbirth is common, but it’s key to understand that the willpower doesn’t directly affect the uterus but rather the muscles around it. Governed by autonomic nerves, the uterus, similar to organs like the heart and intestines, consists of smooth muscle and is beyond voluntary control.

For pregnant women navigating the challenges and discomforts of pregnancy and childbirth in Downers Grove, IL, West Suburban Wellness provides invaluable chiropractic care that aims for holistic relief. Our treatment focuses on optimal spinal alignment, ensuring that nerves function without interference for better communication throughout the body. We also guide our patients in beneficial exercises targeting the sacrum—the area of the spine linked to the uterine nerves—setting the stage for a more comfortable start for both mother and child. This multifaceted approach to chiropractic care offers a wealth of benefits, including better body alignment and reduced stress and discomfort.

Enhance Your Pregnancy Experience When You Visit West Suburban Wellness

Navigating the extraordinary phase of pregnancy comes with its unique sets of highs and lows. Therefore, aligning yourself with healthcare providers who are committed to your well-being is non-negotiable. West Suburban Wellness is prepared to support you during this journey, offering specialized advice and chiropractic care to relieve any discomfort or pain that comes with pregnancy. We adopt holistic strategies to assure the wellness of both mother and infant, setting the stage for a smooth labor and delivery.

For additional information on our prenatal care services or to set up an appointment, you’re more than welcome to either call us or visit our office. We’re enthusiastic about starting this new chapter with you, taking care of all your needs to ensure a pregnancy that’s both healthy and devoid of stress. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding our offerings or expected results.

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