Labor Day weekend is almost upon us and we have a few tips for you all to stay safe & well!

  • If you plan on indulging a little this weekend (let’s be honest, most of us are) then we suggest getting physical! Enjoy the beautiful weather while playing some volleyball or going for a walk around the neighborhood! Vitamin D is nature’s best medicine. Just make sure to take care of your skin so you don’t burn.
  • Avoid sugary drinks. It can be so easy to drink gallons of sugary drinks full of calories like lemonade and fruit punch. Instead, opt for water with lemons or cucumbers for a refreshing flavor. Adding lemon to your water helps your digestive system and re-hydrates the body!
  • De-stress. This weekend is the last hurrah before back-to-school season officially kicks in. Spend some time on yourself to recharge and relax. Try taking a 15 minute meditation or yoga break in-between weekend activities for peace of mind.
  • Don’t forget to eat your fruits and veggies! Many people have cookouts and BBQ’s to celebrate the holiday but that doesn’t have to stop you from maintaining a well-balanced diet. Keep your plate colorful & don’t skip over the veggie tray or fruit platter! Making sure your body is replenished and energized with these power foods will help prevent you from feeling sluggish after those burgers.

Last but not least have fun! Nothing is better than time spent with family and friends filled with laughter and love.

-Ashley Evans