Are you dreading the summer season? You know the time has come to get outside and be active again – but you don’t really have anyone to be active with. You’d like to meet other people, but you aren’t sure where to start. Sometimes, you feel like you’d rather curl up into a ball than go to the gym and exercise alone. It just isn’t fun.

These seven fun, and independent, exercise ideas will make your season far more enjoyable.

1. Walk or bike to your local library.

If you enjoy reading books, researching data, or pouring through archives, spend your summer biking back and forth to your local library. Make a project out of it. Read a certain number of books, answer a document full of questions, or write an article about the history of your town.

Whatever you decide to do, make a point to visit the library on foot (or by bike) at least three times a week. Not only will you get the exercise you’ve been craving, but you’ll feel the wind in your hair and you’ll have a purpose. Exercise is usually better when you don’t realize you’re doing it. Learn more about this phenomenon through Nerd Fitness.

2. Spend time by or in the water.

Looking into the water, even if you can’t swim, can be great for reflection time. Set up a picnic blanket, bring a lunch, and enjoy some quiet time by the beach. You don’t have to swim. You don’t even have to get your feet wet. Just enjoy the atmosphere. There’s an added bonus if you live close enough to bike or walk to the beach.

You can also hike around a lake or pond. Take photos of interesting plants or flowers. Document the wildlife that you see. Eventually, consider taking a friend or acquaintance. You’ll find exploration can be a strong social (and physical) activity.

If you’re not near a natural body of water, you can have just as much fun being active at your local pool. You can burn calories and have fun by swimming or even just walking through the water, or you can check out a pool-based group fitness class. You may even find a pool buddy who will help keep you motivated and share in your joy of reaching fitness milestones.

3. Join a sports team with friends.

Maybe you have friends, but you aren’t sure how to reach them when it comes to making and maintaining healthy habits. Rather than talking about the problem, convince your friends to create or join a sports team. You can play basketball, soccer, hockey, football, or volleyball. The possibilities are endless when you pair your ideas with the ideas of others. You can learn how to make an amateur sports team through Instructables.

4. Make hiking your habit.

If you enjoy hiking around lakes or ponds, think about finding a larger hiking trail near you. Pack up your bicycle (or running shoes) and drive to a nearby metropark. Once inside, you can hike to your heart’s content. Not only will you get plenty of much-needed exercise, but you’ll be able to enjoy quiet reflection time and think about life. You’ll also be able to develop a habit that is completely your own.

5. Go camping.

Looking to get back to nature? Consider purchasing or renting a tent and going camping at a nearby park or campground. Most campgrounds have mini-golf, kayaks, bike rentals, and a variety of other activities to enjoy. Tent camping is also relatively inexpensive, saving you from spending thousands on a camper, cabin, or hotel room. Read more useful tenting tips through

6. Get a part-time job.

If you need some extra cash in addition to healthy habits, research available part-time jobs in your hometown. Outdoor jobs or physically demanding positions will help secure the activity you need. Remember to be honest about your intent to work a seasonal position. You’ll have a hard time getting invited back or being hired at other local companies if you lie.

7. Volunteer at a community center.

Not interested in getting an actual job? Consider volunteering at a community center. You could also donate your time at the local humane society or recycling center. There are dozens of people in the community who could use your help and physical strength. Volunteering rarely feels like exercise. After all, it involves giving back! Figure out where you can spend your time through Volunteermatch.

These seven methods will help you get on your feet and active this summer season. Get started today!