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Pediatric Workshop

Great turnout this past Monday night at the pediatric workshop "Perfect Storm"- the combo of events that set kids up for illness, allergies, spectrum disorders and more. Thanks to Soaring Eagle Academy who joined us as well! Several people are now working with us to...

Free Dinner at Greek Islands

  Please join us for our next FREE health and wellness dinner at Greek Islands Restaurant next Monday, April 3rd at 6:30 PM.  RSVP here or call us at 630-629-9500 YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR CHOICE! Your health is determined by the choices you make. Five Keys You...

Forward Head Posture

Look familiar? Yes, we are seeing posture issues in kids a lot these days. Much of it due to technology! Posture can be corrected and will prevent many health problems. Need to get the kidddos checked? Give us a call at 630-629-9500.

Dinner at Greek Islands On Us!

PLEASE NOTE: THIS DINNER IS NOW SOLD OUT. To receive information on future events, please email.   Please join us for a brand new health and wellness dinner at Greek Islands in Lombard! We will pay for a delicious gluten-free dinner for you AND your guests....

Staying Active with Your Pet

  Between a career, the kids, and the evening schedules, a consistent workout is not always conducive to our lifestyles or to the lifestyle of our dogs. With so many people working forty hours per week or more, our pets are left to roam the houses and yards...

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