Spinal Health Screenings

West Suburban Wellness spinal health screenings are designed to educate local organizations, schools and businesses interested in revitalizing their health. The following are the benefits of hosting a spinal health screening for you:

  • Value Added Service: Spinal Health Screenings provide your customers and staff a valuable added service that they really enjoy and appreciate for free.
  • Easy to set up: Spinal Health Screenings can be set up in any area of your business that customers frequent without any additional equipment.
  • We do all the work: Hosting a Spinal Health Screening does not require you to provide any assistance. We do all the work and you get all the credit.
  • Non-Invasive: Spinal Health Screenings are non-invasive for the participant yet provide incredible insight into their health and wellness.
  • Educational: In only a couple of minutes your customers will be educated on why chiropractic has everything to do with their health.
  • Fun: Spinal Health Screenings are a colorful, educational and fun way for your customers to learn about their health and nervous system.

Many businesses that we’ve partnered with in reaching our communities health needs include the following: