Corporate Wellness Services

Mini-Health Fair

Ooooo! Ahhhh! A relaxing and well-deserved chair massage and computerized stress assessment make up our most popular West Suburban Wellness event.  Requires only a 6 foot x 6 foot area!


Large Health Fair

Just right for larger groups and corporations, our team of up to 10 providers and West Suburban Wellness personnel cover every area of health and wellness your group can imagine and a few you never thought of.


Lunch & Learn Workshops

Informative and entertaining, the Lunch & Learn workshop health talks will be enjoyed by your health conscious employees.  We can provide a free lunch when requested.  Here are the most popular topics:

  • “5 Keys to Amazing Health” 5 easy steps to radically transform your health
  • “Stress” How to decrease stress, improve your mood & avoid the “silent killer”
  • “Nutrition/Weight Loss Made Simple” Eat better & shed unwanted weight
  • “Women’s Health” An informative look on how you can look and feel younger
  • “Healthy Living to 100” Live longer, function better & improve quality of life