happy peopleThe understanding of chiropractic has expanded over the years. Subluxation is now known to be more than a misalignment of spinal bones putting pressure on nerves. Dr. Gustitus writes that, “subluxation is now agreed to be the result of both internal and external influences affecting the function of the nervous system as a whole.”

The three causes of subluxation are physical trauma, toxin exposure, and emotional stressors. They not only trigger muscular responses in the body, but he writes that these “harm signals” also reach three key areas in the brain: the hippocampus (center for learning), the amygdala (the stress and anxiety center), and the hypothalamus (the neuroendocrine control center, which initiates a cacade of events preparing us for fight or flight). Dr. Gustitus agrees with many chiropractors that in order to counter these types of harm, we need high-quality input to the nervous system which is best achieved through:

-Chiropractic adjustments

-Whole-body exercise


-Good nutrition

-Positive and loving thoughts

“Health really boils down to homeostasis (balanced function) at a cellular level. To create a lifetime of health…we must provide our bodies with optimal input throughout our lives”.—Dr. Gustitus

 For complete article read Pathways Magazine Issue 38


You and Everyone You Know Has Two Choices

  1. Take care of your spine and nerve system and nearly eliminate any chance of developing disease.
  2. Neglect your spine and nerve system and let it rot and degenerate, causing you to develop disease.

It doesn’t take a scientist or doctor to choose ‘A’. It makes sense doesn’t it? If you do receive chiropractic adjustments and clear your nerve system, your body builds health! If you don’t, and your spine is out of alignment (subluxated), your body builds disease! It’s as simple as that.

Get your chiropractic check up for you and your family members today.

“It’s a lot easier to maintain your health than it is to regain it.”