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While most folks in Glen Ellyn, IL, are aware that adults can benefit from chiropractic care, it’s crucial to realize that this natural, drug-free, and gentle form of care extends to children and infants as well. Our team at West Suburban Wellness is dedicated to offering top-tier pediatric chiropractic care that targets the wellness and health of your child’s nervous system and spine. We aim to tackle health issues in kids and infants in the most effective way possible.

Certified and Professional Pediatric Chiropractor

Although the widespread notion is that chiropractic care solely benefits adults, children and infants also have a lot to gain from these treatments. For parents unaware of the advantages, our caring and certified team at West Suburban Wellness extends a range of chiropractic services designed to boost behavior and sleep patterns in kids and infants.

Understanding Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Children are always exploring and playing, which places a lot of stress, both emotional and physical, on their developing bodies. Specialized chiropractic care for kids can address these unique needs, thanks to our highly experienced pediatric chiropractor team. The safety and efficacy of these treatments are tailored to growing youngsters. Proper spine alignment is crucial for optimal growth and wellness, and our methods aim to relieve muscle tension that could lead to a misaligned spine or subluxation. Ignoring such issues may escalate into a range of health problems, from headaches and asthma to ear infections and more. At West Suburban Wellness, our pediatric chiropractor team are all board-certified and trained in specialized techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child’s health and development.

Why West Suburban Wellness Stands Out

In the realm of chiropractic care, our team stands out. Our staff has been trained and certified in multiple areas, such as:


Doctor of Chiropractic


ICPA Pediatric Adjusting Techniques


National Board of Chiropractic Examiners


Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractic


Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics


Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner

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Unveiling the Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic for Your Child:

Better Behavior

Less stress often translates to better behavior in kids. Why? Because reduced stress can lower irritability levels, leading to a more positive behavioral pattern. By focusing on releasing spinal and muscle tension, our chiropractors aim to elevate your child’s mood and increase their attention span.

Strengthening Your Child’s Immunity

Living in Glen Ellyn, parents know all too well the toll that sick seasons can take on both kids and adults. Sometimes it feels like your child is on a continuous cycle of illnesses. West Suburban Wellness offers chiropractic care aimed at fortifying your child’s immune system, allowing them to better fight off and recover from sickness.  Chiropractic care has the added benefit of not only shortening the duration of a child’s illness but also offering preventive measures to keep them healthy from the start.

Enhanced Nervous System and Cognitive Growth

Targeting a child’s growing spine is essential for preventing potential nervous system complications. Our pediatric chiropractor specializes in addressing misalignments in the nerves of your child’s developing spine. By doing so, we can help stave off issues like ear infections, asthma, and allergies, along with other respiratory challenges. Beyond that, our chiropractic care is geared towards safeguarding your child’s brain development. We achieve this by alleviating pressure on the spine, joints, and bones. This optimization of brain development contributes to heightened focus and a decrease in hyperactivity, including targeted approaches for kids with ADHD.

Ideal for Infants

During the first few months of life, it’s common for babies to face challenges such as colic, resulting in non-stop crying, as well as issues like trouble breastfeeding and symptoms of reflux. These problems can be distressing for parents, often leaving them feeling at a loss for solutions. At West Suburban Wellness, our specialized pediatric chiropractor is ready to help. One of the underlying causes of these issues, like colic and reflux, is spinal misalignments in infants. By addressing and correcting these misalignments, we provide a way to alleviate these symptoms.

Improved Sleep

A well-rested child is a happy, focused, and energetic child, and that’s something every parent in Glen Ellyn, IL, aims for. Chiropractic care, specifically designed to ease body stress, can be a game-changer in improving a child’s sleep quality. Spinal misalignments often contribute to disrupted sleep by causing tight muscles and back pain, leading to poor sleep and even insomnia. Additionally, such misalignments can be a root cause of bedwetting, another contributor to sleep disturbance that is a particular concern for parents of older kids. Our team of chiropractors specializes in gentle chiropractic adjustments aimed at correcting these misalignments and nerve issues, setting the stage for better sleep all around.

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The path to a life devoid of pain should ideally commence during one’s early years, and for the young inhabitants of Glen Ellyn, IL, our office is keen to offer chiropractic care as a natural and holistic alternative. Our goal is to provide gentle and targeted care, suited to meet the varying discomforts and issues that could surface during childhood. We’re always available to tackle any questions that your family might pose regarding the advantageous effects of chiropractic care for your children and to discuss our approach to ensuring their wellness. Whether your child has had prior experience with chiropractic adjustments or is new to this alternative form of care, we extend the opportunity for a thorough and child-focused experience.

Avoid letting temporary discomforts get in the way of your child’s opportunity for a fulfilling, pain-free and healthy life. Make the call and arrange for a consultation right now. This is the moment to expose your child to the extensive benefits that pediatric chiropractic care can bring, enhancing their overall health and wellness. Our dedicated pediatric team at West Suburban Wellness is primed to usher your child into a more joyful and healthful childhood, courtesy of our specialized, individualized approach.

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