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Providing services to the community of Downers Grove, IL, West Suburban Wellness knows that children and infants can greatly benefit from chiropractic care, which is natural, drug-free, and gentle. Focusing on the wellness and health of your child’s nervous system and spine, our team is devoted to delivering superior care to the community’s younger members.

Specialized Care for Kids by Our Pediatric Chiropractor Team

It’s a common misconception that chiropractic adjustment is exclusively for adults, overlooking the substantial benefits it can provide to kids and even babies. Our team at West Suburban Wellness, made up of licensed and caring professionals, offers services that can greatly improve several aspects of your child’s well-being, from quality of sleep to behavioral improvements.

An Overview of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Kids go through a lot of physical and emotional upheavals as they navigate their surroundings. Serving Downers Grove, IL, our proficient pediatric chiropractor team provides specialized and safe chiropractic treatments intended for children’s unique needs and their developing bodies. Proper spine alignment is a key element for overall health and development, and our approach aims to ease the tense muscles that can lead to spine misalignment. If not addressed, these alignment issues can cascade into other health conditions like asthma, headaches, ear infections, and more. West Suburban Wellness boasts a team of board-certified chiropractors equipped with the required skills, experience, and training to achieve optimal results.

Why West Suburban Wellness is Right for Your Child

When it comes to chiropractic care tailored for children, our pediatric chiropractor team stands out for their expertise and qualifications. Our staff is equipped with various certifications, including:


Doctor of Chiropractic


Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner


ICPA Pediatric Adjusting Techniques


National Board of Chiropractic Examiners


Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractic


Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics

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How We Can Improve Your Child’s Overall Well-Being: 

Better Mood and Attention Span

Have you noticed that some kids just seem calmer and more focused than others? Lower stress levels could be the key. When children experience reduced stress, they tend to be less irritable, which results in better behavior. Our chiropractors have the expertise to alleviate spinal tension, contributing to enhanced mood and attention span in kids.

Strengthened Immune Defenses

We know how challenging it can be for parents to see their kids continuously unwell, struggling through endless cycles of cold and flu symptoms. That’s where our chiropractic care can make a difference, enhancing your child’s immune system so they can better resist and recover from illnesses. Pediatric chiropractic care is proven not just to minimize the length of your child’s sick days but also to act as a preventative measure, keeping them healthier overall.

Optimized Brain Development and Nervous System Health

The correct alignment of your child’s spine is essential for preventing various nervous system problems. Our chiropractic care aims to correct any impinged nerves within the growing spine, thereby offering preventive measures against conditions like ear infections, asthma, and allergies. Furthermore, this form of care positively impacts your child’s brain development by easing pressure on the spine, bones, and joints. As a result, children often experience an improvement in focus and a reduction in hyperactivity, including signs of ADHD.

Great for Infants

Many parents can attest that the first few months with a new baby can be particularly trying, especially when dealing with symptoms like colic and reflux. These issues not only keep your baby from resting well but also make breastfeeding a challenging experience. This is where our expert pediatric chiropractor at West Suburban Wellness comes in. Frequently caused by spinal misalignments, we can address these issues at their source to provide comfort and relief for infants.

Better Sleep Quality

When it comes to better sleep for kids in Downers Grove, IL, our pediatric chiropractor could be the solution. A well-rested child often wakes up feeling energetic, alert, and in a good mood. By focusing on relieving bodily stress, chiropractic treatment can contribute to enhanced sleep patterns in children. Issues like spinal misalignments can often interfere with sleep, leading to symptoms like back pain, poor sleep quality, and even insomnia. Furthermore, some evidence shows that these misalignments can also lead to bed-wetting, which can be a major concern for parents of older kids. With gentle chiropractic adjustments, our team can eliminate such misalignments and nerve blockages, helping your child sleep better.

Plan Your Visit to Our Office Today

Embark on a wellness journey for your children with our pediatric chiropractic care, offering a natural and alternative route towards a pain-free life. Our office is committed to delivering gentle care that effectively addresses various issues and discomforts your child might face during their early years. We welcome questions from family members about the positive effects of chiropractic adjustments on children in Downers Grove, Illinois, and are here to explain our thorough approach to pediatric health. Regardless of whether your child is familiar with chiropractic care or is beginning their holistic experience, we present an opportunity to witness an approach focused on comprehensive children’s care.

Take the opportunity to call our team at West Suburban Wellness today, and ensure your child’s life is not disrupted by discomfort. Schedule a consultation and allow your child to experience the benefits that our chiropractic approach can provide throughout childhood. Our team is dedicated to health and ensuring every child can live a life where wellness is paramount to their daily experience.

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About Downers Grove, IL

Downers Grove, situated within DuPage County, Illinois, boasts a rich heritage dating back to its foundation in 1832 by Pierce Downer. With roots that intertwine deeply with the historical Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, this village has flourished into a vibrant suburb of Chicago. It’s a place that has embraced its past while forging a way forward, creating an environment that honors both history and progress. Nestled between the major thoroughfares of I-88 and I-55, Downers Grove’s strategic location has made it a hub of visits from people all around, enhancing its role in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Downers Grove has evolved into a community where everyone, from families to businesses, finds their unique place. The village’s expansion was significantly aided by the construction of key toll roads, which have opened gateways to and from Chicago, fostering an interconnected community spirit. It is a person’s haven for both quiet suburban life and access to the energetic urban pulse. The legacy of the village, marked by structures like the Lyman and Blodgett homes, which served as stations on the Underground Railroad, adds a profound historical dimension to the daily lives of its people​​.

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