Our brains and bodies are linked in more ways than you think and our attitudes and emotions can have fascinating effects on our health. As you might expect, happiness is good for you and stress is bad for you, but the way these feelings affect the rest of your body just shows how different your life can be if you keep positive. 

Happiness Makes You Healthier

It seems that optimists have the right idea of how to stay healthy. Studies have shown that happiness and a positive outlook are good for our physical health as well as our mental health. Links have been made between higher levels of happiness and lower blood pressure and heart rates. A 2003 study also found that happiness can boost your immune system. When 350 adults were exposed to the common cold, the volunteers that experienced more positive emotions were less likely to develop a cold and another 2006 study found that people with a happier disposition had a higher antibody response upon being given a vaccine, demonstrating a stronger immune system.

There are so many great health benefits that come from happiness and the study into the effects of happiness are still young, so there is the potential for even more positive effects to be discovered. While it’s okay to allow yourself to feel sad and upset – sometimes, it’s even healthy to let these emotions out – don’t forget that happiness is the key to health and make your happiness a priority in your life.

Stress Is A Killer
If you’re prone to being stressed and anxious, you could be doing more damage to your health than you think. Stress is effectively an instinctive reaction to what your brain perceives to be dangerous situations (even if you aren’t in any actual danger). Physical symptoms of stress include lethargy, headaches, chest pain and nausea and it can even lower your immune system, causing you to develop frequent colds and infections. Stress is also related to low self-esteem and depression, which can be just as if not more harmful. These can lead to extreme changes in appetite and increased usage of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

For some people with insecurities and worries, stress can be easily done away with. In a stressful job a few days’ vacation can make all the difference and if you’re worried about balding, a cheap hair transplant can improve self-esteem and reduce stress. But, for some people, stress is a long-lasting concern and is so deeply ingrained that it becomes a chronic issue. The effects of long term stress and anxiety include gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular disease, back and muscle pains, skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, and it can even lead to dangerous weight gain and eating disorders. Stress really is a killer and has been known to cut years off of lifespans.

What To Do
We sometimes don’t have a lot of control over our mindsets, but there are measures you can take to increase the influence of happiness and reduce that of stress. Stress is a part of everyday life and we can’t always avoid it, but if you suffer from long term stress or an anxiety disorder, help is at hand. Speak to your doctor about your mental health and explore chiropractic treatments for stress to fight the effects and put you on the path to leading a happier and healthier life.