Lombard Lagoon

There are moments when one needs to detach from their everyday life and commune with nature, even if it’s for a short time. Lombard Lagoon, located in Lombard, is probably one of the best places to visit to unwind. The Lagoon is situated in a picturesque environment that will definitely induce the calm feeling you are looking for. At Lombard Lagoon, there are a host of activities you can engage in, from walking your pet, reading a book, or going fishing.

About Lombard Lagoon

Located at 430 Marcus Dr. Lombard, Illinois, Lombard Lagoon is considered one of the top destinations for park lovers in the area. It features a large shallow lagoon characterized by native plants and boulders along the shoreline. The Lagoon is frequently maintained to ensure a serene environment for visitors to enjoy every day.

Lombard Lagoon is also an ideal location to host various celebrations, including birthdays and weddings. The location has several facilities to accommodate groups during such occasions. Lombard Lagoon is considered a family-friendly location, with several game equipment your children can enjoy.

What Does Lombard Lagoon Offer?

Aside from the serene environment and calming atmosphere, Lombard Lagoon offers affordable rental packages for the following:

  • Lombard Lagoon
  • Lombard Community Building
  • Log Cabin
  • Western Acres Golf Course

This is also a good location to host a picnic, family event, or corporate meeting. You can as well go boating (permit required) and catch a few of the local fish found in the Lagoon.

Attractions at Lombard Lagoon

Boating and Fishing

During the boating season, Lombard Lagoon witnesses a surge in visitors looking to put their boating skills to the test. The Lombard Park District issues annual boating permits to the boaters for free during the boating season. You need to show proof of a valid permit before gaining entrance to the Lagoon. Despite the Lagoon being shallow, boaters are required to wear a Coast Guard Certified Personal Floatation Device while operating their watercraft.


Lombard Lagoon has several playgrounds featuring different game equipment that kids can enjoy. Here, you can practice catch, baseball, or football with your kids. This is also an ideal location to let the children enjoy themselves, monitoring them while relaxing on the grass.

Walking Trail

The park has a 0.5-mile walking trail where you can jog or have a leisure walk with your loved ones.

Lombard Lagoon has a lot to offer with its boathouse-style structure. The best part is that you can rent out any space or location and enjoy the waterfront view.

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