While working, I suffered an injury to my lower back.  I had daily pain.  I also had trouble sleeping, walking and even sitting.  The tightness in my back was so bad that some days it gave me tension headaches.

Before coming to see Dr. Tim, I doubted that chiropractic treatments would have improved my life.  Upon examination, Dr. Tim found problems in my spine & also said I had Forward Head Posture.

In addition, he suggested I start taking the “The Big 3” supplements:  fish oil, vitamin D3 & probiotics.  Between the adjustments and taking the supplements, I found my daily pain was gone and my sleep had greatly improved as well.  I am also now more conscious of my posture.

Dr. Tim truly cares about improving each patient’s life.  His attitude & enthusiasm show in his work.  Thank you Dr Tim for showing me chiropractic could help improve my life!