Before starting chiropractic care my main health concern was finding a chiropractor that was going to help me. I had been getting shorter and unable to move before I came here. I had high blood pressure due to weight gain due to being immobile. I was addicted to cortisone shots because of my immobility. I felt a lack of energy and increasing depression due to the lack of good care. Arthritis pain, irregular heartbeats and just general pain everywhere happened each, and every day.

After receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Vito my life is changing. I was apprehensive at first but decided that I was going to lose my independence and possibly my life if I didn’t take a chance on it. It has been 2 months and I am moving and walking and growing! I grew an inch and a half!!! I am trusting my doctor and doing the seemingly impossible…which is to get well. Everything Dr. Vito has asked me to do has come with gentle urging and the attitude that he knows I can get well.

If you are sick, or suffering or in pain listen to this 63-year-old chick who has been given another chance to feel good again. I am no longer afraid of walking or doing simple tasks. I’m excited and looking forward to going to California for a week to visit my grandkids! If you can’t move because of pain you need to come here. If you can’t breathe or stand for long periods of time without pain…you need to come here. And I promise you that the care and the time that this team gives to each and every patient is so rewarding that you will walk away smiling with a huge sigh of relief…just like I do every single time I come here!

Thank you Dr. Vito and Dr. Tim and Janette and Susan and Julie for all your care and concern in regards to making my life better. I feel like the meeting with my grandson Logan and Dr. Vito was an answer to my prayers. I know that because you see a different, healthier me – that is what I will be, and my days ahead can’t seem any brighter than they do now!


Thank you,

Margie M