ScottSMby Scott W

As a former professional cyclist, I have had access to some of the best doctors, physical therapists, and technicians in the world.  Yet, every one of them misdiagnosed and mismanaged my health by overlooking the obvious.  I was told that my riding style was askew due to my left leg being longer than my right.  This riding position led to early back fatigue in races.

Dr. Weselak physically showed me, with the use of X-Rays, that I did in fact have a normal bone structure, but years of racing and everyday life led to my hips being nearly an inch and a half different in height.  This difference occurred due to improper spinal alignment.  After three months of chiropractic adjustments my hips were nearly even and I began noticing an overall improvement in my health.

I have been receiving regular adjustments at West Suburban Wellness for over a year now and can say without a doubt I have better mental clarity, am more physically fit, and look better than I have in years.  Also, I have not been sick once since I started my regular care at West Suburban Wellness!

I feel a human life was never meant to be managed by pills and injections.  A human life is meant to be lived and enjoyed with a body and mind that is allowed to heal itself through its innate understanding of its own optimal conditions.  I did not seek out chiropractic care due to a specific pain or problem.  I simply wanted to achieve a better life through better health.

This experience opened my eyes and has been so powerful that I have changed my career path to become a chiropractor.  I wish to share the message of chiropractic care and make a difference in people’s lives just as Dr. Weselak and West Suburban Wellness have done for me.  In just a few months I will be starting my doctor of chiropractic program!

Thank you West Suburban Wellness and Dr. Weselak for showing me the way to a better life!