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Families of all shapes, sizes and types, please JOIN us for our first Healthy Families Workshop: Nutrition, Vaccines, Immunity & Posture on Monday, August 8th at 6 PM at First United Methodist Church in Lombard. 

Childcare for ages 0-9 is provided for no cost. Ages 10 and up are invited to attend the workshop along with an adult.

From 6-7 pm, there will be healthy vendors with activities for all ages. At 7 pm, Dr Tim Weselak, DC, CCWP, will teach us about:

NUTRITION: What’s the big deal about nutrition and how does it affect you and your family? Learn about great nutrition, how to make it easier for kids (and adults) to make healthy choices and the impact that good (and bad) nutrition can have on your body.

IMMUNITY: Increase your immunity for the entire family with tips that anyone can implement easily into a daily routine.

VACCINES: What should you do about vaccines? Are they really beneficial? With so much in the media, how can you make sure that your family is receiving the best vaccine education possible? Let us help you weed out the bad information from the good.

POSTURE: Do your kids spend a lot of time on cell phones and other electronic devices? If so, their spines are bending forward to meet their habit. This affects the area where nerves are housed, affecting all bodily functions and processing. Join us for tips on better posture to prevent health problems now and later.

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