Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail is a 12.7-mile beautiful trail in Lombard, IL that runs through the heart of St. Louis County. It passes through Lily Lake and Virgil. The newer trails are found between Villa Park and west Chicago in Dupage County. The trail provides users with breathtaking views, exciting wildlife sightings, and plenty of historical information about the region’s settlement by European Americans in the early years.

Activities to Find In Great Western Trail

Shawnee National Forest

Great Western Trail caters to multiple types of activities. It has a large area adjacent to the Dupage River that goes through Jefferson Barracks Park. Many people come here for the camping, fishing, canoeing, hiking, and horseback riding opportunities it provides.

Starved Rock State Park

Great Western Trail also goes through the starved rock state park, a popular destination for hikers, climbers, swimmers, and picnickers. This park has some of the best sandstone cliffs in Illinois. You can explore waterfalls, canyons, sinkholes, and striking rock formations; there are also opportunities for cave exploration.

Outdoor Activities on the Water

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to ride your boat down the river during summer and visit Cave in Rock, Illinois. You can explore the waterways by kayaks, canoe, or sailboat.

Golf Courses

Great Western Trail also provides multiple opportunities for golfers. You can check out different gold courses. You can take your golfing vacation during summer.

Historical Sites

The great Western Trail also provides access to multiple historical points of interest, small towns, and national forests related to the early settlement period, including Lewis & Clark’s trail. There are many museums and national defense areas on this trail that provide many educational and fun opportunities for all people.

Great Western Trail has a beautifully maintained trailhead in suburban Chicago, along with plenty of amenities for visitors. Picnic areas, restrooms, water fountains, benches, and informational signage at every mile marker make the place worth a visit. These amenities make it ideal for biking, jogging, or hiking. The 12-mile stretch is located within St. Louis County, but there are other access points if you’re not up to the entire journey. You can also plan excursions to visit other landmarks on the trail.


Great Western Trail is a long trail that runs through St. Louis County, Missouri. It provides visitors with multiple opportunities for being active outside and learning about the area’s history. The trail isn’t as crowded as other well-known trails in St. Louis, but it doesn’t lack its charm. In addition to being an excellent place for sightseeing, the Great Western Trail is also a perfect option for those looking to have some fun.

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