While the common belief is that chiropractors can help with back pain and back pain alone, this is quite untrue. In fact, chiropractic medicine focuses on a range of medical issues related to musculoskeletal and nervous systems, and how they can affect the other areas on the body. Most chiropractors are trained in a range of areas including pediatrics, clinical nutrition, physical rehabilitation, acupuncture and much more, meaning that they can help with a variety of symptoms and problems.

Lower-back Pain
This is generally what chiropractors are known for, and they are able to manipulate the sacroiliac joint (which is the part that links the pelvis to the lower part of the spine). This can ultimately help to relieve most forms of lower-back pain. Most lower-back pain is caused by posture or trapped nerves (subluxation), although a few other underlying issues can also produce lower-back pain. Lower back pain was once one of the main causes for disabilities in the world, and affects nearly 1 in 10 people. If you are suffering from lower back pain and use an aid such as a mobility scooter, you may be able to find a number of specially adapted mobility scooters, or additional supports and protection to help protect against this.

Pregnancy Pain
One of the main causes of aches and pains in women is, unsurprisingly, pregnancy. Generally, improper alignment of the pelvis is the main cause of pain during pregnancy when it comes to lower back issues and sciatica. Because of the state of the expectant mother, there is a limited number of treatments that they can turn to, as some medications for things like pain can affect the fetus. There is not a lot of research available when it comes to pregnancy and chiropractic care, but there have been reports that women who are in intense pain, such as back pain during labor due to the baby’s position, and who have received treatment, have reported that they have felt relief.

Back pain and neck pain are often regarded as being the cause for a number of headaches, and loosening the muscles in the back and neck through chiropractic techniques can actually help to relieve a headache. While there are many people who have received this treatment however, there hasn’t been much research regarding the link between chiropractic care and chronic headaches.

Neck Pain
Manipulating certain areas of the spine can help when it comes to easing neck pain, and a study has shown that this has actually been more effective at relieving neck pain than some pain medications. Movement assessments can also be carried out by chiropractors, and this will help them to know if the pain is coming from the neck or whether it is coming from the shoulders or another area of the spine. Chiropractors can also then advise when it comes to improvements in flexibility and posture in order to help reduce neck pain.