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For women experiencing the ups and downs of pregnancy in Clarendon Hills, IL, West Suburban Wellness is dedicated to delivering specialized chiropractic care to relieve the discomfort and pain associated with this life-changing period. Our experienced prenatal chiropractor places a strong focus on maintaining a healthy spine through careful adjustments, thus adequately preparing the body for both maternity and the arrival of new life. This approach serves to not only alleviate typical pregnancy-related issues but also to promote comprehensive health and wellness for both the mother and infant, contributing to a more harmonious labor and delivery.

The Essential Role of a Prenatal Chiropractor

The excitement of anticipating a new child can overshadow common pregnancy discomforts, like back pain, neck pain, and headaches. However, our certified prenatal chiropractor team is here to help with those very issues.

West Suburban Wellness prioritizes the health of expectant moms, their partners, and their soon-to-be newborns. Our experienced team is adept in providing focused chiropractic care to women during pregnancy. We concentrate on spine and pelvis alignment, aiming to relieve pregnancy-related discomforts and foster optimal health for both the mother and her baby.

As childbirth approaches, both you and your partner should be in the best possible health. That’s where our prenatal chiropractor comes in, focusing on alleviating pain, ensuring your body is aligned properly, and addressing all the unique changes that come with pregnancy. We create a supportive environment in our practice, so all you need to concentrate on is the joy that a new child brings, while we take care of making your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

Certified Practitioners of the Webster Technique

When discussing prenatal chiropractic care, it’s crucial to mention our certification in the Webster Technique. Originating from the 1980s and founded by Dr. Larry Webster of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, this chiropractic adjustment is acknowledged as a secure way to mitigate complications in pregnancy and facilitate easier childbirth.

The Webster Technique is designed to address pelvis misalignments that can lead to birth difficulties. By restoring proper alignment, the technique aims to cut down the risk of encountering problems during labor and delivery.

With a focus on prenatal chiropractic care, our chiropractors are Webster Certified and have employed the Webster Technique for many years to benefit expectant moms from Clarendon Hills, IL.

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The Distinct Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Spinal alignment and nerve communication are crucial aspects that chiropractic care can improve, especially important during pregnancy. Our focus on these essential elements can assist pregnant women in dealing with a range of typical discomforts and health conditions they might experience, such as:






Back Pain


Acid Reflux







Beyond the already mentioned issues, the development of your baby brings its own set of physical challenges. As your baby grows, your enlarging uterus exerts more stress on your lower back. This growth contributes to an increased amount of lordosis, the natural curve located just above your tailbone.

When the degree of lordosis amplifies, it prompts the facet joints in your lumbar spine to shift and lock into problematic positions. This change irritates the nerves weaving through these joints, particularly the sciatic nerve. Once stressed, the sciatic nerve can unleash a piercing pain that travels from your buttocks down to your legs.

Through the course of your pregnancy, our team at West Suburban Wellness vigilantly monitors these bodily changes through comprehensive exams and imaging studies. We then employ subtle chiropractic techniques aimed at guiding your spine into a healthier position. This realignment fixes the facet joint motions and lessens nerve irritation, thus improving both pain levels and overall function.

If increasing lordosis isn’t addressed, your body will likely react by developing kyphosis—commonly identified as a hunchback posture. This condition exerts a substantial amount of painful pressure on your mid-back. Though you might associate this posture with older individuals, it can affect you both during and after your pregnancy.

Addressing kyphosis before the baby comes is key, as the condition can be aggravated by frequent bending over. Post-birth activities like carrying your baby, setting up a portable crib, or feeding can lead to a lot of hunching and rounding of the back, intensifying kyphosis. For both the parent who gave birth and their partner, strategic chiropractic care can be beneficial in fortifying your neurological system and helping you maintain an elevated head posture, readying you for the many challenges of parenthood.

Our Prenatal Chiropractor Paves the Way for a Healthy Start for Mother and Baby

For comprehensive health benefits, pregnant women and their unborn child can benefit from prenatal chiropractic care. The treatment is not just beneficial for the mom; it significantly helps the baby too. Optimal nerve function is essential because it establishes a vital link between the brain and the uterus—where the baby is growing. With nerves functioning at their best, the uterus becomes a nourishing environment that offers ample space and favorable conditions for the baby to grow and move freely.

Communication between the uterus and the brain is a crucial, two-way process, especially during pregnancy. When the uterus is capable of effectively relaying signals to the brain, the pregnant woman’s body can efficiently send oxygen and vital nutrients to the baby via the umbilical cord. A prenatal chiropractor is key in supporting this by maintaining a stable ovarian nerve function, which consequently keeps the hormonal environment balanced throughout pregnancy.

Our chiropractors don’t just focus on spinal adjustments for their prenatal patients from Clarendon Hills, IL; they also recommend lifestyle changes, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. This multi-faceted approach ensures that essential nutrients are efficiently delivered to the baby via the umbilical cord, while also helping mothers manage the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. Recent research has highlighted the potential impact of a mother’s mood during pregnancy on the temperament of her child in the early years. Therefore, well-rounded chiropractic care is crucial for laying the groundwork for your baby’s future wellness.

Preparing for Baby’s Arrival with Chiropractic Care

When pregnancy shifts to the stages of labor and delivery, it’s the uterus that takes center stage, sending the signal that the baby’s entrance to the world is on the horizon.

As labor unfolds, contractions in the uterus initiate at the top and work their way down, directing the baby through the birth canal for what should be a seamless delivery when muscles are in sync. Yet, this finely-tuned process can experience disruptions if there’s a lapse or misfire in nerve signaling, potentially extending the duration of labor.

Although women are often urged to push during contractions while giving birth, the control they have is only over the muscles that encircle the uterus. The uterus itself, being composed of smooth muscle much like the heart and intestines, operates under the influence of autonomic nerves, not allowing for voluntary manipulation.

When it comes to alleviating the stress and discomfort that accompany pregnancy and childbirth, the chiropractic care provided by West Suburban Wellness serves as a vital resource. We ensure the spine is in prime condition to protect the nerves, aiding in seamless body function and alignment. Our chiropractic approach even extends to coaching patients on exercises that focus on the sacrum, the spinal region connected to the uterine nerves. This holistic care promotes a smoother start for both mothers and babies while offering a range of benefits that make the trials of pregnancy and childbirth more manageable.

Visit West Suburban Wellness for Specialized Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Your pregnancy is an incredible, life-changing experience, yet it comes with its own set of complications and requirements. It’s crucial to align yourself with healthcare experts who prioritize your comfort, health, and relief. With West Suburban Wellness, you’ll have a partner committed to making your journey smoother, by offering crucial advice and targeted chiropractic care that minimizes any strain, discomfort, or pain associated with pregnancy. Our prenatal chiropractor team focuses on comprehensive techniques that optimize the health of both the mother-to-be and the coming infant, preparing you for labor and delivery.

If you are a resident of Clarendon Hills, IL, and interested in learning more about our services or want to book an appointment for a spinal adjustment, please make a call or come visit our office. We can’t wait to start this exciting wellness phase with you, answering all your questions and ensuring that your pregnancy journey is both healthful, low-stress, and free of any discomfort for you and your infant. We’re available to explain our services and give you an idea of the outcomes you can look forward to.

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