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You might be aware of chiropractic care tailored for adults, but have you considered the same for infants and children? Our team at West Suburban Wellness is committed to the well-being of the younger population in Oak Brook, Illinois. We emphasize a drug-free, natural, and gentle approach in providing pediatric chiropractic care, which is aimed at nurturing the health and wellness of your child’s spine and nervous system. The care we offer is an effective way to address a range of health issues commonly faced by kids.

Dedicated Child Wellness from Our Pediatric Chiropractor Team

While most people relate chiropractic care with adults, it’s important to realize that babies and children can equally benefit from these services. This is something many parents may not be fully aware of. At West Suburban Wellness, our dedicated professionals offer an extensive set of services designed to boost the well-being of your child in multiple areas, such as improving their behavior and promoting better sleeping habits.

What Does Pediatric Chiropractic Care Involve?

Children in Oak Brook, IL, are naturally active and curious, putting their bodies through various forms of stress, both physical and emotional, as they navigate their environment. Addressing this is where our seasoned pediatric chiropractor team steps in, delivering safe and effective chiropractic treatments tailored specifically for the unique needs of growing bodies. Proper spine alignment plays a crucial role in a child’s overall growth and development. Our treatments aim to alleviate muscle tension contributing to subluxation or misalignment of the spine. If such issues aren’t addressed in a timely manner, they could escalate into other health problems such as headaches, ear infections, asthma, and more. Our board-certified pediatric chiropractor staff is equipped with the specialized training, experience, and skills required to provide optimal care.

What Makes West Suburban Wellness the Best Choice?

Our team boasts diverse qualifications, making us the best choice for comprehensive chiropractic care. Among our staff’s many certifications, you’ll find:


Doctor of Chiropractic


Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner


ICPA Pediatric Adjusting Techniques


National Board of Chiropractic Examiners


Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractic


Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics

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Unlock These Benefits for Your Child with Our Expert Chiropractic Care:

Optimized Nervous System and Cognitive Growth

Ensuring that a child’s spine grows correctly is essential for averting potential issues with their nervous system. By identifying and treating spinal misalignments, our pediatric chiropractor aims to alleviate a range of problems, from ear infections and asthma to allergies and other issues. Our chiropractic care is also designed to foster brain development. Through easing pressure on the spinal column and joints, we can help improve focus and reduce hyperactivity, which can be particularly beneficial for children with ADHD.

Ideal for Infant Well-Being

You might have experienced those initial months after birth when babies seem to cry endlessly due to colic or face challenges with breastfeeding and sleep because of reflux symptoms. It’s a distressing time for any parent. That’s why our pediatric chiropractor at West Suburban Wellness is ready to assist. Believe it or not, spinal misalignments in infants can be the culprit behind issues such as colic and reflux. By correcting these misalignments, we can offer relief and improve the wellness of your little one.

Improved Sleep Quality 

If you’re in Oak Brook, IL, and want your child to experience improved sleep, we can help. When kids sleep well, they’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed, focused, and in a good mood. The stress relief that chiropractic care provides can be a game-changer for a child’s quality of sleep. A common obstacle to restful sleep is spinal misalignment, which can lead to tense muscles and back pain, negatively impacting sleep quality and even leading to insomnia. Additionally, spinal misalignments have been linked to bedwetting issues, another factor that can disturb sleep and can be especially concerning for parents of older children. Our chiropractors specialize in gentle chiropractic adjustments that can correct these misalignments and improve overall well-being, resulting in better sleep.

Improved Mood and Attention Span

Could the secret to well-behaved kids lie in lower stress levels? Less stress generally translates to fewer mood swings and a better attention span in children. Our chiropractors are skilled in releasing tension from the spine and muscles, which can be a game-changer for improving your child’s mood and behavior.

Strengthened Immunity

The immunity of a child is a top priority for any parent, especially when cold and flu season seems to hit kids pretty hard. Our chiropractic care comes in as a strong ally to strengthen your child’s immune system. It’s more than just a place for back adjustments; it’s about whole-body wellness. By focusing on chiropractic care, we not only help to reduce the duration your child is sick but also increase their defenses against getting sick in the first place.

We Invite You to Schedule a Visit to Our Office

For families who are interested in a natural, holistic alternative to achieving wellness, chiropractic care is a pain-free, excellent starting point. Serving the community of Oak Brook, IL, our office specializes in offering gentle and effective chiropractic adjustment treatments that address the unique challenges kids may face throughout their childhood. We’re fully equipped to answer any questions or concerns your family might have about the impact of chiropractic care on your child’s life. With our holistic and comprehensive approach, your child can either begin or continue on a path to enduring wellness. We invite you to seize this opportunity for child-centered care.

Don’t let discomfort stand in the way of your child’s chance for a fulfilling and healthy life. Reach out to us for an appointment and consultation today. Our dedicated pediatric team at West Suburban Wellness is eager to introduce your child to the wide array of benefits that pediatric chiropractic care can provide, setting the stage for a lifetime of optimal health and wellness. Our tailored approach aims to make your child’s journey to overall well-being both comfortable and effective.

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